Turn your Data into Knowledge… Fast

Deliver faster time to insight with Stardog’s Enterprise Knowledge Graph platform.

  • Bring context to your data for better decision-making
  • Perform complex queries across silos
  • Seamlessly support multiple apps and data models
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    Unify your data once and for all

    Stop wasting time on data transformation – iterate easily with Stardog’s reusable data model

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    Reveal the relationships in your data

    Track dependencies across data silos, analyze potential chain reactions, or ask complex “What if?” questions

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    Unlock access to knowledge

    Context-enriched decision making allows employees to quickly make informed choices

See the Enterprise Knowledge Graph platform in action

  • Data fabric

  • Drug discovery

  • Supply chain

  • Semantic search

  • Build your data fabric with Stardog’s Enterprise Knowledge Graph platform

    An Enterprise Knowledge Graph is the key ingredient to transforming existing data infrastructure into a data fabric. Create a flexible, reusable data layer for answering complex queries across data silos.

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  • Complete traceability for drug discovery

    Data unification uncovers correlations across disparate data sources and represents the complex inter-relationships inherent in biomedical data. Unify clinical data, scientific research, disease models, and more to accelerate drug discovery.

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  • Overcome data silos in supply chains

    Supply chain stakeholders from product to manufacturing to distribution create their own data silos. Stardog solves the data silo problem, unifying data from existing systems without changing the underlying data and providing end-to-end transparency.

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  • Stop sifting through irrelevant results

    Semantic search understands the user’s intent behind search terms, returning more relevant results in fewer hits. Unify data from disparate sources to build a complete repository of information; virtualization ensures the most up-to-date data is accessed.

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    From an agility perspective, we saw dramatic benefit — a time-to-result improvement of, easily, 50% or more.

    Managing Director,
    Enterprise Infrastructure, Top 10 US Bank
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    Stardog enables you to browse through the data and all these relationships. It’s not only less overhead, it’s much better job satisfaction and getting the knowledge in hand that you lacked before.

    Program Data Integration Manager,
    Exploration Systems Division, NASA
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    We can provide a holistic view of a customer and manage risk across multiple silos — we used to have an army of Excel ninjas to do this stuff. Even in regulatory programs, we can be an authoritative source of data.

    Senior Director & Architecture Fellow,
    Top 15 US Bank
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