Our Mission

Liberate the data!

Stardog was founded on the vision of making data usable when it counts - not for answers tomorrow or next week, but for right now.

And that starts with breaking the cycle of repeatedly copying and transforming data for each new project. If you want to drive growth and innovation in today’s complex world of never-ending data capture, you can’t be bogged down with rigid data structures. You’ve got to let your data flow.


Our three founders, Kendall Clark, Mike Grove, and Evren Sirin, started pursuing this data-driven mission after meeting at the University of Maryland AI Lab. We’ve grown to 50 employees in a few short years and have a headquarters outside of Washington, DC.

Our leadership team includes:

CEO & Founder

Kendall Clark

CTO & Founder

Evren Sirin

SVP, Engineering & Founder

Michael Grove

SVP, Sales & Alliances

Bob More

VP, Finance & Operations

Evan MacQueen

VP, Customer Success

Bryan Prout

VP, Marketing

Natalie Pitcher Clark

With help from our investors

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