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New Website, Same Mission

Sep 17, 2019, 3 minute read
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We’re happy to announce our new website. New look and feel but same great Stardog!

It had been 2+ years since our last overhaul, and in that time we doubled the size of the Stardog team, quadrupled the number of our customers, and introduced thousands of people to knowledge graphs. So needless to say, our website needed a refresh. And while we’ve updated the look and feel and added tons of new pages, we remain committed to our same core philosophy — help you turn your data into knowledge.

One of our biggest responsibilities in helping you achieve that goal is to make it easier to get started, learn, and share ideas about Stardog. I’m excited to share some of the new updates we’ve made to our website to help you do just that.

Easier to understand how we unify data

Our new platform page makes it easier to understand all the unique characteristics of Stardog and includes an interactive visual to explore our core technical components. If you want to dive deeper into our tech, check out our docs. We’ve also added new industry and use case pages so you can understand real-world applications of our data unification platform.

Easier to get started

One of the best ways to learn how a knowledge graph works is to actually build a knowledge graph! We’ve simplified the Stardog installation process and now you can copy a few lines of code to quickly launch Stardog. Get started with our free 30 day license here. If for any reason, you ever need more time to evaluate Stardog - just send us a note and we’ll be happy to assist! And remember, if you are using Stardog for teaching and learning purposes, we provide you with a free 365-day license.

Easier to learn

We created a one-stop-shop of learning resources to make it easier to find the help you need. One of our new resources is a Getting Started Guide packed with foundational concepts about the knowledge graph, a “Hello World” tutorial aimed at completing basic graph queries, and an application tutorial aimed at the classic “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” problem. Learning isn’t just important at the beginning of your journey - it’s also important along the way. We’ve added to our library of step-by-step tutorials and video trainings over the past year, and will continue to, to guide both new and returning learners.

Easier to get help

While we love teaching our community about knowledge graphs, we aren’t the only ones you can learn from. We want to help you tell your stories of solving hard problems with data! We’ve highlighted many of the transformative initiatives our community is working on via our new Customer Spotlight section. Want to share your story? []([Send us a note](

Learning also happens by raising your hand and asking a question. The Stardog Community Forum is a great place find answers to your questions! You’ll find our Support team, engineers, and other users ready to help.

Tell us what you think!

I hope you enjoy all the new additions of our new website. If you have any feedback about our website (e.g. issues found, suggestions, etc.), please share it in this forum. We are all ears!

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