Learning@Cisco provides opportunities for the IT professionals at their customers to learn how to manage Cisco’s networking products and platforms. Cisco knows that if its products are improperly managed a customer is significantly less likely to renew their contracts and so provides hundreds of webinars, trainings, and certifications. However, resources were scattered across a dozen separate learning applications – counterproductive to their goal of encouraging professional development. Further, the IT professionals that Learning@Cisco was serving couldn’t always find the right courses when searching within the disconnected training portals.

With the growing course catalog now connected in a knowledge graph, Cisco can better manage the relationships between its courses and certifications and provide a smarter search to guide the trainees to the course they are looking for based on the intent of their search and not just the key words. The unified data also provides internal analysts and content producers insight into usage patterns of the course catalog. Now, they can use that data to identify trends like detecting early identification of potential renewal risks within the Learning@Cisco data.

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