Managing the logistics of shipping 550,000 cubic meters of cargo worldwide was enormously slow and opaque. Dozens of paper-reliant steps slowed airfreight to the speed of a bicycle and lack of accountability from service providers hindered regulatory compliance and quality control. By digitizing their logistics operations, Ericsson enables a consistent and open ecosystem that sits on top of a common data set and data model. The information shared between forwarders, drivers, supply chain managers, and shippers automates logistics, administration, and participation within seconds. This connectedness across platforms and processes creates unparalleled agility across the supply chain. Real time monitoring via sensors across a digital network gives every link in the chain the ability to get answers and make changes on demand.

We need to enable devices and connected goods to actually ‘roam’ globally. Ericsson has a central part to play in making this happen, both through the technologies that we have in cellular connectivity and also through our partners and customer ecosystem.”

- Jan Höller

IoT Lead

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