National Bank of Canada

At Banque Nationale du Canada, like most modern enterprises, the majority of internal information isn’t stored in tables. Instead, this information is stored in documents, chat logs, and blog posts that are easy for anyone to produce, but very difficult to sift through. BNC staff spent too much time trying to find the information they needed to do their jobs which limited how many customers they could serve, or how many analyses they could perform. To improve internal productivity and customer satisfaction, BNC built a knowledge graph to take the information locked in text-based data silos and get it in the hands of the employees who were looking for it.

Mon Hub Intelligent (MHI) is a single application that connects the data from the siloed legacy data systems across the Bank while leaving the data in place. Using cognitive search functionality, the MHI chatbot translates the users’ plain language search and applies the context of the question to the keyword query. Now, bank employees no longer need to wade through multiple data systems to try to find the information or hope that the first answer they find is, in fact, the correct answer. Instead, they have access to a ‘personal assistant’ that surfaces the information they need from the applications where the most collaboration happens.

My Smart Hub allows employees to spend less time searching, discovering, getting answers, and automating repetitive tasks”

- Senior Director

Digital Transformation

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