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Connected data helps fulfill the promise of SpringerMaterials–providing curated and comprehensive data and search results about organic and inorganic materials from dozens of databases to researchers across the world. By unifying data on 250,000 materials across dissimilar data sources within a knowledge graph, Springer accelerates their subscribers’ research and provides the information that they needed all in one place. A powerful externally facing platform searches more than 100,000 online documents spread through journals, books, and data sets and delivers complete and reliable results to researchers with sub-second query response times, streamlining the work of thousands of materials scientists worldwide that rely on full and accurate numeric, graphic, and citation data within a single unified view. The native flexibility of a knowledge graph allows Springer to make continuous additions and adjustments to the data as more discoveries are made, their proprietary datasets grow, and new data sources emerge.

Deploying on Stardog fosters the idea of reusability among the mapping and vocabularies within the database products. Stardog make large-scale data management possible for Springer Nature.”

- Marcel Karnstedt-Hulpus

Director Data & Knowledge Technologies DRG

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