stardog-admin cluster zkstart Manual Page


stardog-admin cluster zkstart —Starts a ZooKeeper server instance (Deprecated: Use 'zk start' instead).


stardog-admin [ --krb5 ] [ --krb5-disable-rdns ]cluster zkstart [ --config <config file> ] [ --foreground ] [ --home <home> ] [ {-p | --passwd} <password> ] [ {-P | --ask-password} ] [ {-u | --username} <username> ] [ {-v | --verbose} ]


--config <config file>
Zookeeper config file.
Flag to start this application in the foreground.
--home <home>
Zookeeper home directory location. This is where the log and other config resides.
Use the Kerberos environment.
Disable reverse DNS lookup for Kerberos clients.
-p <password>, --passwd <password>
-P, --ask-password
Prompt for password.
-u <username>, --username <username>
User name.
-v, --verbose
Flag that can cause more detailed information to be printed such as errors and status. Exact output depends upon the command and options used.


In order to configure your zookeeper instance you will create a config file with the settings described in By default the zookeeper config file is located in $STARDOG_HOME/ A different config file can be specified with the option --config.
In order to stop the ZooKeeper process you can use 'zk stop'.