stardog-admin cluster zkstart Manual Page


stardog-admin cluster zkstart —Starts a ZooKeeper server instance (Deprecated: Use 'zk start' instead).


stardog-admin [ --krb5 ] [ --krb5-disable-rdns ]cluster zkstart [ --config <config file> ] [ --foreground ] [ --home <home> ] [ {-p | --passwd} <password> ] [ {-P | --ask-password} ] [ {-u | --username} <username> ] [ {-v | --verbose} ]


--config <config file>
Zookeeper config file.
Flag to start this application in the foreground.
--home <home>
Zookeeper home directory location. This is where the log and other config resides.
Use the Kerberos environment.
Disable reverse DNS lookup for Kerberos clients.
-p <password>, --passwd <password>
-P, --ask-password
Prompt for password.
-u <username>, --username <username>
User name.
-v, --verbose
Verbose flag that causes more detailed information to be printed


In order to configure your zookeeper instance you will create a config file with the settings described in By default the zookeeper config file is located in $STARDOG_HOME/ A different config file can be specified with the option --config.
In order to stop the ZooKeeper process you can use 'zk stop'.