stardog-admin license register Manual Page


stardog-admin license register —Request a Stardog license.


stardog-admin license register [ --company <company> ] [ --email <email address> ] [ --family-name <family name> ] [ --given-name <given name> ] [ --subscribe ] [ --timeout <timeout> ] [ --type <type> ]


--company <company>
The name of the requester's company.
--email <email address>
The requester's email address.
--family-name <family name>
The requester's family name.
--given-name <given name>
The requester's given name.
Subscribe to the email list.
--timeout <timeout>
The number of seconds to wait for interactions with the registration server.
--type <type>
The type of license [ enterprise | community ].


This will contact and request a license. A link to the license will be sent in email.