a Added new feature     m Modified system     f Fixed bug     s Security vulnerability

v1.29.0 Release

Release date: 2020-11-19

  • Fixed   Add Data Hub (Support for Data Sources) (STUD-557)

  • Fixed   Add VG option for Spark SQL (STUD-521)

  • Fixed   Connection "advanced options" should be hidden in the browser (STUD-49)

  • Fixed   Relabel Sandbox Saved Connection to Stardog Express (STUD-548)

  • Fixed   Sort schema and named graphs lists alphabetically (STUD-442)

v1.28.2 Release

Release date: 2020-11-06

  • Fixed   Intellisense fix for Windows not being included in built application (STUD-537)

v1.28.1 Release

Release date: 2020-11-05

  • Fixed   Intellisense no longer works on Windows (STUD-510)

  • Fixed   Right click VG configuration modal shows the wrong VG configuration when another VG is selected (STUD-525)

v1.28.0 Release

Release date: 2020-10-22

  • Fixed   Add option to remove attributes from visualization (STUD-427)

  • Fixed   Adjust sidebar section max heights so that headings are always visible (STUD-475)

  • Fixed   Allow regenerating auto-mappings for existing virtual graphs (STUD-403)

  • Fixed   Handle/display ICV validation queries in Running Queries table (STUD-498)

  • Fixed   Show Model’s welcome message only once (STUD-476)

  • Fixed   Can’t retrieve constraints for models in databases with virtual transparency enabled (STUD-491)

  • Fixed   Match export icon in models hub to export icons throughout Studio (STUD-429)

  • Fixed   Named graphs dropdown selection should be used when exporting data (STUD-373)

  • Fixed   Stop polling for running queries after a user navigates away from the DB hub (STUD-481)

  • Fixed   Under certain conditions, some tabs are erroneously marked as "unsaved" (STUD-65)

  • Fixed   Updater crashes should be caught and logged (STUD-483)

v1.27.0 Release

Release date: 2020-10-08

  • Fixed   Allow updating virtual graph config and mappings independently (STUD-408)

  • Fixed   Do not show server-wide config properties in database-specific views (STUD-477)

  • Fixed   "Welcome" joyride is unreadable in light theme (STUD-484)

  • Fixed   Authenticating with Kerberos has stopped working on Windows (STUD-480)

  • Fixed   Placeholder text in Models hub is missing (STUD-428)

v1.26.0 Release

Release date: 2020-09-24

  • Fixed   Add light theme (STUD-450)

  • Fixed   Add search within relationships to Data Exploration pages (STUD-375)

  • Fixed   Labels in Models hub should support Unicode (STUD-398)

  • Fixed   Non-ascii characters parsed incorrectly from loaded text files (STUD-309)

  • Fixed   Provenance sources not rendering for Stardog 7.4 (STUD-452)

  • Fixed   Relationships/attributes in Models hub do not show existing domains/ranges (STUD-448)

  • Fixed   Results not properly loading in query editor (STUD-426)

v1.25.1 Release

Release date: 2020-08-27

  • Fixed   Data Exploration sometimes does not use the label when displaying an item (STUD-425)

  • Fixed   Stored queries are always defaulting to GraphQL (STUD-424)

v1.25.0 Release

Release date: 2020-08-25

  • Fixed   Add GraphQL support to stored queries (STUD-192)

  • Fixed   Add infinite scroll for relationships display in Data Exploration (STUD-383)

  • Fixed   Add Show More capability to Data Exploration (STUD-376)

  • Fixed   Capture inbound relationships in Data Exploration (STUD-273)

  • Fixed   stardog.studio sandbox connection is duplicated (STUD-369)

v1.24.1 Release

Release date: 2020-08-17

  • Fixed   "Run to File" with reasoning off results in an error (STUD-402)

  • Fixed   Users should always be allowed to view models in "read only" mode (STUD-400)

v1.24.0 Release

Release date: 2020-08-13

  • Fixed   Form Based Model Editing (STUD-16)

  • Fixed   Cannot save GraphQL results to a file (STUD-279)

  • Fixed   CSV import options are reverting to their defaults (STUD-386)

  • Fixed   Studio can execute queries with reasoning even when the Reasoning toggle is off (STUD-367)

v1.23.1 Release

Release date: 2020-08-06

  • Fixed   Make Provenance compatible with Stardog 7.3.4+ (STUD-388)

  • Fixed   Make visualizations compatible with Stardog 7.3.4+ (STUD-387)

v1.23.0 Release

Release date: 2020-06-30

  • Fixed   New Models hub integrating schema and constraints editing (STUD-68)

  • Fixed   Ability to save/load mappings files is only enabled intermittently (STUD-284)

  • Fixed   Attempt to request telemetry consent fails in the browser (STUD-272)

  • Fixed   Only one label should be shown per instance in Data Exploration (STUD-296)

  • Fixed   Studio crashes for PATHS queries with no true paths in results (STUD-310)

  • Fixed   Studio crashes when empty query plan results are returned (STUD-275)

  • Fixed   User’s saved connections are sometimes wiped on crash (STUD-276)

v1.22.1 Release

Release date: 2020-06-17

  • Fixed   Release notes page does not load but instead causes a crash (STUD-290)

v1.22.0 Release

Release date: 2020-06-16

  • Fixed   Add Salesforce data source for virtual graphs (STUD-43)

  • Fixed   Add Stardog Sandbox as default saved connection for stardog.studio only (STUD-283)

  • Fixed   Adjust drag behavior for app sidebar (STUD-19)

  • Fixed   Remove "Base IRI" option from virtual graph configurator (STUD-259)

  • Fixed   App crashes (white screen) if GraphQL Schema or BI Mapping sections are loaded before language clients (STUD-260)

v1.21.0 Release

Release date: 2020-06-02

  • Fixed   Add schema editing hub (#1539)

  • Fixed   Add links to and update copy for Provenance "No Data" page (#1778)

  • Fixed   Fix right-click to copy in editors on Linux (#1705)

  • Fixed   Update "Provenance" error message copy (#1784)

v1.20.0 Release

Release date: 2020-05-19

  • Fixed   Add new "Provenance" view (#1766)

  • Fixed   Incorrect special named graphs used for Stardog versions <7 (#1750)

  • Fixed   Order of search results in Data Exploration section is not "best match first" (#1607)

  • Fixed   Request for auto-generated BI schema mapping should use "Pretty Turtle" (#1721)

  • Fixed   Security section sometimes does not update correctly when switching connections (#1710)

v1.19.1 Release

Release date: 2020-05-06

  • Fixed   Installation failure on macOS (#1716)

v1.19.0 Release

Release date: 2020-05-05

  • Fixed   Add support for editing BI schema mappings (#1434)

  • Fixed   Add visualization widget to data exploration (#1514)

  • Fixed   Add ability to select a mappings file when creating a virtual graph (#632)

  • Fixed   Allow saving/opening virtual graph mappings in editor to/from filesystem (#1583)

  • Fixed   Improve query used to visualize SELECT results (#1638)

  • Fixed   Indicate database’s online/offline status in editor view (#1100)

  • Fixed   Support ability to associate virtual graphs with specific databases (#1527)

  • Fixed   Support force-closing of a large number of unsaved tabs (#919)

  • Fixed   Attempt to open external files associated with Studio fails (#1588)

  • Fixed   Can’t scroll in the virtual graph sidebar if the window is too small (#1650)

  • Fixed   Files with '.srs' extension open as plain text (#1562)

  • Fixed   Local graph is duplicated in named graph selector (#1715)

  • Fixed   Reasoning schemas are not used correctly when querying (#1605)

  • Fixed   Undesirable auto-indent behavior for Turtle prefixes (#1647)

  • Fixed   Updating virtual graph configuration deletes current mappings in editor (#1628)

v1.18.0 Release

Release date: 2020-03-18

  • Fixed   Add button for refreshing list of VGs (#1119)

  • Fixed   Give users the option to open files that are downloaded from Studio (#1219)

  • Fixed   Show some indication that no database has been selected when user tries to execute a query using hotkeys (#313)

  • Fixed   Update Stardog version correctly when connecting (#1582)

v1.17.0 Release

Release date: 2020-03-12

  • Fixed   Support editing of GraphQL schemas for databases (#1168)

  • Fixed   Add a button to view keyboard shortcuts (#1528)

  • Fixed   Make tab closing functionality available in Workspace menu (#959)

  • Fixed   Retain file selection when you 'Go back' in CSV Import (#1540)

  • Fixed   Clear active database in editor when that database is dropped (#1561)

  • Fixed   Database properties only update correctly after you connect a second time (#1443)

  • Fixed   Deleting a VG should require confirmation (#843)

  • Fixed   GraphQL @config directive parser should accept string graph names (#1545)

  • Fixed   Prevent crash after dropping databases outside of Studio (#1558)

v1.16.1 Release

Release date: 2020-02-27

  • Fixed   The triple count UX for databases in the sidebar is confusing. (#1526)

  • Fixed   Fix stored query scrolling (#1534)

v1.16.0 Release

Release date: 2020-02-25

  • Fixed   Add support for data browser/exploration (#1390)

  • Fixed   Add support for virtual CSV Import (#439)

  • Fixed   Add ability to export data from database (CLI parity) (#1163)

  • Fixed   Persist sidebar tab selection in workspace when navigating away (#1506)

  • Fixed   Fix: Kerberos authentication on Mac/Linux has stopped working (#1512)

v1.15.0 Release

Release date: 2020-01-14

  • Fixed   Add support for alternative edge properties syntax to Studio (#1497)

  • Fixed   Add support for edge properties in visualizations (#1464)

  • Fixed   Make tooltips match labels in visualizations (#1431)

  • Fixed   Multi-schema support for schema visualization (#1172)

  • Fixed   Support specifying a particular schema when querying with GraphQL/SPARQL (#1167)

  • Fixed   Use flushResponseHeaders stardog request option, when available (#1492)

  • Fixed   "Create Database" dialog triggers unsaved changes prompt in the databases section (#1463)

  • Fixed   Bnodes in SELECT and PATHS results only display their ID (#1484)

  • Fixed   Changing a note database should reset the selected schema (#1489)

  • Fixed   Load data adds / to the end of file name (#1467)

  • Fixed   Non-string datatypes showing up as undefined in visualization (#1441)

  • Fixed   Studio results should not maintain scroll position across queries (#1494)

  • Fixed   VG graph name input box validation not working as expected (#1442)

  • Fixed   Whitescreen on search right after first-time search (#1424)

v1.14.4 Release

Release date: 2020-01-10

  • Fixed   Studio should not crash after creating DBs with Stardog < 7.x (#1499)

v1.14.3 Release

Release date: 2019-12-17

  • Fixed   Fix function arguments bug when creating databases (#1483)

v1.14.2 Release

Release date: 2019-12-16

  • Fixed   Create database attempt fails in latest release (#1481)

v1.14.1 Release

Release date: 2019-12-13

  • Fixed   "Enable semantic search" tooltip should show DB name, not index (#1475)

  • Fixed   Query limit feature should be more customizable/overridable (#1477)

v1.14.0 Release

Release date: 2019-12-11

  • Fixed   Add ability to execute only highlighted query in buffer (#450)

  • Fixed   Support edge properties in editors and in text results (#1471)

  • Fixed   Add a query limit (default 1000), configurable via user preferences (#1175)

  • Fixed   Add query timeout and config menu to Control Bar (#1160)

  • Fixed   Adjust auto-updating behavior for desktop version (#1380)

  • Fixed   Control Bar UI updates: regrouping, DB filters, and responsive layout (#1468)

  • Fixed   Custom labeling hierarchy for visualized nodes (#1137)

  • Fixed   Extend GraphQL language server autocompletion with schema information, on par with SPARQL completion (#943)

  • Fixed   Improve where the cursor goes when you hit enter to conform to SPARQL/TTL best practices (#1307)

  • Fixed   Show unsaved changes alerts when user attempts to leave unsaved DB changes (#1236)

  • Fixed   Stored Query vs History tab styling tweaks (#1332)

  • Fixed   Stream results for "Run to File" directly to disk (#1297)

  • Fixed   Studio should suggest completions for all the predicates from rdf/rdfs/owl (#1311)

  • Fixed   Support for importing namespaces into DB from RDF files (#1225)

  • Fixed   Support specifying named graph context for queries (#1159)

  • Fixed   "Show literal as nodes" option should not cause nodes to disappear when interacting with other actions like expand or move (#1432)

  • Fixed   Joyride items should be better positioned (#1299)

  • Fixed   Keyboard shortcut (or file menu action) to create tab should set focus (#1345)

  • Fixed   Non-language string visualization node properties/captions display as '{something}@undefined' (#1368)

  • Fixed   Results Control Bar should not hide the horizontal scrollbar for the editor (#1405)

  • Fixed   Should be able to bring DB online via DB list context menu (#1469)

  • Fixed   Should not crash/whitescreen when enabling, selecting, then disabling literals as nodes in visualization (#1473)

  • Fixed   Should not show duplicate context menus in the "Running Queries" view (#1470)

  • Fixed   Show "loading" states in database creation dialog (#1406)

  • Fixed   Stored query name should not be "undefined" when attempting to delete it without permission (#1352)

v1.13.2 Release

Release date: 2019-11-08

  • Fixed   Occasional whitescreen on start due to bad stardogVersion (#1403)

  • Fixed   v1.13.1 does not record telemetry preferences correctly and sometimes throws errors related to preferences (#1404)

v1.13.1 Release

Release date: 2019-11-01

  • Fixed   All databases show as offline in Stardog < 6.2.2 (#1365)

  • Fixed   Cannot bring databases online via context menu after offlining (#1364)

v1.13.0 Release

Release date: 2019-10-29

  • Fixed   Release Studio in browser/Docker (#1357)

  • Fixed   SPARQL-less keyword searching and automated query generation (#1356)

  • Fixed   Support adding data from a file to a database (#1162)

  • Fixed   Support removing data from database using a file (#1165)

  • Fixed   Add example placeholder for MongoDB URI (#1312)

  • Fixed   Add generic SQL option for VGs (#1295)

  • Fixed   Allow users to show data properties on the graph visualization itself (#1061)

  • Fixed   Make VG driver class optional as of 7.0.3 (#1285)

  • Fixed   Option to give permission to all types of actions (#1249)

  • Fixed   Support visualization image export as .png or .jpeg (#1062)

  • Fixed   Update keyboard shortcuts listing (#1263)

  • Fixed   "Query" column in "Running Queries" always shows "SELECT" (#1280)

  • Fixed   "Show Plan" failure notifications show twice (#1308)

  • Fixed   Don’t disable add data button menu when query is empty (#1331)

  • Fixed   Fix 'Unable to get Schema' when quickly navigating to Schema Vis (#1338)

  • Fixed   Fix bug preventing file opening on desktop (#1265)

  • Fixed   Missing progress spinners for database actions (#1233)

  • Fixed   Namespace editing in Databases section doesn’t validate correctly (#1293)

  • Fixed   Namespaces can have =, including at the end, cannot naively split on = (#1245)

  • Fixed   PostgreSQL default driver name is incorrect (#1271)

  • Fixed   Set Reasoning and Database when opening query from history (#1321)

  • Fixed   Some notifications don’t return the right message (#1334)

  • Fixed   Stored Query "Save" triggers "Save as" (#1310)

  • Fixed   Studio isn’t reflecting database properties correctly (#1287)

  • Fixed   Unable to create MongoDB VGs (#1292)

  • Fixed   Unable to open a file from Finder (#1184)

  • Fixed   Users can be created or their passwords changed without the "Password/New Password" and the "Confirm Password" fields matching (#1251)

  • Fixed   Virtual graphs editor sometimes shows language "SMS2" instead of "SMS" (#1072)

  • Fixed   Visual query plans are missing minus nodes, and everything beneath them (#1306)

  • Fixed   When you right-click on a SHACL Validation result you see two context menus (#1224)

v1.12.0 Release

Release date: 2019-09-17

  • Fixed   "Kill all" for running queries from the DatabaseAdmin panel (#1156)

  • Fixed   Add fill-in-the-blanks snippets for VG mappings with SMS2 (#945)

  • Fixed   Add TriG language support to the editor (#955)

  • Fixed   New Database properties editor (#1255)

  • Fixed   Support exporting namespaces to a file from DB view (#1157)

  • Fixed   Add more node types to query plan visualizations (#1253)

  • Fixed   Add Stardog version to bottom status bar (#1214)

  • Fixed   Auto-select DB when you create it (#999)

  • Fixed   Autocomplete SPARQL keywords in uppercase (#1098)

  • Fixed   Breakup the existing SPARQL tutorial into multiple tutorials (#1081)

  • Fixed   Bring Stored Query support for reasoning into Studio (#926)

  • Fixed   Change "SMS" to "SMS2" in the language selector (#1149)

  • Fixed   Enable Trig as an output format (#972)

  • Fixed   Generate DB properties editor from Stardog’s reported options (#655)

  • Fixed   Make input boxes for connection URL and Driver Class longer (#1090)

  • Fixed   Make the order of security resource and resource type consistent between the modal and the main table (#1247)

  • Fixed   New "Tutorials" icon (#1254)

  • Fixed   Persist query errors in results pane (#1252)

  • Fixed   Remember saved connections when studio crashes and wipes it’s state (#1203)

  • Fixed   Show schema query when no schema information is available for a DB (#1113)

  • Fixed   Update the default Database for VG connection creation menu (#1088)

  • Fixed   Use file extension to determine editor language (#1036)

  • Fixed   "Open File" dialog can be opened multiple times, causing errors (#990)

  • Fixed   "Run to File" does not display the correct options for a query until the query is run at least once (#1186)

  • Fixed   Clicking "Run to file" then canceling the dialog box mistakenly shows an error notification (#763)

  • Fixed   Database schema is not viewable immediately after DB creation (#1200)

  • Fixed   High CPU load in editor view when idling in background (#405)

  • Fixed   Resolve inconsistencies between text/visualization with named graphs (#1026)

  • Fixed   SQL Server VGs are not recognized correctly when loaded from the server (#1120)

  • Fixed   Studio editor sidebar defaults to hiding the filesystem (#1176)

  • Fixed   Support TriG when queries involve named graphs (#973)

  • Fixed   Tutorial database data fails to load when Stardog isn’t local (#1085)

  • Fixed   Unable to collapse the results pane when a DESCRIBE returns no results (#1191)

v1.11.0 Release

Release date: 2019-08-08

  • Fixed   Add GraphQL language server to Studio, including diagnostics, hover help, and keyword auto-completion (including Stardog-specific extensions) (#864)

  • Fixed   Find and resolve hanging _ATTEMPT/_SUCCESS/_FAILURE pattern mixpanel events (#1118)

  • Fixed   Remove JSON as query plan format option (#1104)

  • Fixed   App crashes when creating a new DB while looking at schemas (#1146)

  • Fixed   For SPARQL autocompletion, autocomplete doesn’t work with namespaces (#1056)

  • Fixed   Query results always show that there were 50 results (#1131)

v1.10.0 Release

Release date: 2019-07-31

  • Fixed   Visualize schema in database view (#1138)

  • Fixed   Adjust min height of visual query plan nodes (#1063)

  • Fixed   SHACL wording updates (#1067)

  • Fixed   Show full database size on hover (#1132)

  • Fixed   Support specifying groups in visualizations (#1139)

  • Fixed   UX refactor of "Load Data" panel (#1058)

  • Fixed   Adding nonsense SHACL as data to a named-graph says it succeeds (#1070)

  • Fixed   Can’t run constraints validation report without typing something (#1069)

  • Fixed   Electron Menu is not updating Save, Save-As state correctly (#1097)

  • Fixed   Regex flag breaks Firefox support for web version (#1105)

  • Fixed   Show spinny during VG creation (#1089)

  • Fixed   String literal Paths results are being namespaced when they shouldn’t be (#793)

  • Fixed   Trying to retrieve constraints validation report with bad SHACL in buffer doesn’t do anything (#1068)

v1.9.2 Release

Release date: 2019-07-11

  • Fixed   Studio crashing if you start it with an SMS editor focused (#1071)

v1.9.1 Release

Release date: 2019-07-10

  • Fixed   Fix Virtual Graph name validation (#1060)

v1.9.0 Release

Release date: 2019-07-09

  • Fixed   Add query plan visualization as tree (#863)

  • Fixed   Add SHACL language support, including constraint validation, autocomplete, syntax highlighting, etc. (#691)

  • Fixed   Add support for all compatible data sources to Virtual Graphs configuration panel (#930)

  • Fixed   Add tabs to "Databases" UI for easier navigation (#1008)

  • Fixed   Add UNNEST to SPARQL grammar (#928)

  • Fixed   Large performance improvements when switching between editors for different syntaxes (#977)

  • Fixed   Remember manually set explanation format between consecutive runs of "show plan" (#1045)

  • Fixed   Specify named graph when using Load Data to add a file to a database (#954)

  • Fixed   VG "query translation" property removal (#905)

  • Fixed   VG prop "use optimized translation" rename to "optimized import" (#907)

  • Fixed   Add code folding support (#988)

  • Fixed   Disable stored query functionality when not connected (#1024)

  • Fixed   Keep users on the Virtual Graph creation dialog box if the virtual graph creation fails (#830)

  • Fixed   Refine language selector for VG Mapping Editor (#832)

  • Fixed   Results control bar is slightly off-center vertically (#978)

  • Fixed   Sandbox shows blank area where file explorer is located in Studio (#1041)

  • Fixed   Styling of results for ASK queries is strange/inconsistent (#987)

  • Fixed   Virtual Graphs sidebar doesn’t scroll all the way (#1038)

v1.8.0 Release

Release date: 2019-06-25

  • Fixed   Save and Load Visualization Layout (#966)

  • Fixed   Start visualization from a SELECT result (#911)

  • Fixed   Visualization Data Browsing (Click to Expand) (#931)

  • Fixed   Add Fullscreen Mode to Visualization (#933)

  • Fixed   Add Query Time Elapsed to the Results Bar (#764)

  • Fixed   Add toggle for disabling visualization forces (#922)

  • Fixed   Add Virtual graph Creation Text Options (#817)

  • Fixed   Allow turning on/off of specific node types or relationship types in Visual Results (#872)

  • Fixed   Database status wording change (#962)

  • Fixed   Disambiguate stored queries vs. local buffers using tab icons (#848)

  • Fixed   Make telemetry data opt-out (#779)

  • Fixed   Select database when opening a query that was saved to a specific database (#525)

  • Fixed   Sort Stored Queries (#345)

  • Fixed   Update wording for history timeframe (#871)

  • Fixed   Fix Renaming files in FileExplorer Tree (#837)

  • Fixed   Fix Stored Queries Refresh Button (#952)

  • Fixed   Handle Empty Construct/Describe Results (#1022)

  • Fixed   Visualization disappears after sliding results into collapsed state (#976)

v1.7.3 Release

Release date: 2019-05-28

  • Fixed   On Windows, some users need to change the installation directory (#909)

  • Fixed   Select a Database tooltip does not disappear after mousing off Show Plan button (#903)

  • Fixed   Show Plan arrow should show as disabled when the main button is disabled (#914)

v1.7.2 Release

Release date: 2019-05-21

  • Fixed   Data visualization support for Sandbox (#859)

  • Fixed   Studio needs much better logging (#892)

  • Fixed   CONSTRUCT/DESCRIBE visualization/results do not work correctly with named graphs (#900)

  • Fixed   Curvature for single circular links in visualization is not correct (#899)

  • Fixed   Info bar at the bottom of visualizations doesn’t hide when results are collapsed (#887)

  • Fixed   Release Notes text isn’t highlightable/copyable (#756)

  • Fixed   Showing query plans fails when run right after visualizing (#880)

  • Fixed   State migrations do not work correctly (and tests are wrong) (#884)

  • Fixed   When connection is changed, Studio requests completion data with stale DB names (#894)

v1.7.1 Release

Release date: 2019-05-14

  • Fixed   Add migration to better support visualizations (#879)

v1.7.0 Release

Release date: 2019-05-14

  • Fixed   Visualization of query results for CONSTRUCT and DESCRIBE (#734)

  • Fixed   "See Bindings" should be hidden when there are no bindings to show (#765)

  • Fixed   Add a few high value keyboard shortcuts (#834)

  • Fixed   Add a way to find/list keyboard shortcuts (#761)

  • Fixed   Add feedback exercises to active learning SPARQL tutorial (#720)

  • Fixed   Add user setting to disable schema-based autocompletion (#862)

  • Fixed   Create VG Dialog is too short (#823)

  • Fixed   Display query plans as collapsible/highlighted JSON (#757)

  • Fixed   Let user add Turtle as constraint (#781)

  • Fixed   Makes Paths results selectable (#845)

  • Fixed   Show empty state in Virtual Graph Panel (#831)

  • Fixed   Use new way of getting class/predicate frequency for autocomplete (#751)

  • Fixed   "Run to File" doesn’t work when the results are showing a query plan (#774)

  • Fixed   Make query plans viewable/copyable in plain text again (#800)

  • Fixed   Running queries indicator is mispositioned in Databases sidebar (#877)

  • Fixed   SetConnection throws if request for databases fails (#854)

v1.6.1 Release

Release date: 2019-04-09

  • Fixed   Active learning databases do not load in distributed build (#807)

v1.6.0 Release

Release date: 2019-04-09

  • Fixed   Add "Active Learning" tutorial section to Studio (#797)

  • Fixed   Add SPARQL tutorial to Studio’s active learning environment (#798)

  • Fixed   Add support for virtual-graphs security resource type (#752)

  • Fixed   Studio has some circular dependencies (#746)

  • Fixed   Saved Connections cleanup (#777)

  • Fixed   Studio signals that an update is ready too early (#796)

  • Fixed   Virtual graphs JDBC password should be hidden (#795)

  • Fixed   When connecting fails it can get stuck in pending state (#786)

v1.5.0 Release

Release date: 2019-03-26

  • Fixed   Remember recent connections and allow more easily switching between them (#192)

  • Fixed   Inform user of no results when running Paths query (#722)

  • Fixed   No obvious way to close "About" window on (Ubuntu?) Linux (#748)

  • Fixed   Odd autocomplete behavior for SPARQL (#452)

  • Fixed   Studio allows query execution via keyboard before connecting (#715)

v1.4.0 Release

Release date: 2019-03-14

  • Fixed   Add "What’s New" notification/section to Studio (#598)

  • Fixed   Add JSON-based User Settings (#387)

  • Fixed   Enable adding data via editor in Sandbox/Studio in browser (#724)

  • Fixed   Enable virtual graph management in Studio Sandbox (#726)

  • Fixed   Allow scrolling in database selector dropdown (#735)

  • Fixed   Zoom level does not persist when app is restarted (in production build) (#736)

  • Fixed   Electron version has high severity Chromium vulnerability (#731)

v1.3.1 Release

Release date: 2019-02-19

  • Fixed   Resizing of construct/describe and GraphQL results doesn’t update text area height (#706)

  • Fixed   Studio fails to start on Windows due to broken dependency (#710)

v1.3.0 Release

Release date: 2019-02-14

  • Fixed   Add support for Stardog Rules Syntax (SRS) (#704)

  • Fixed   Support executing and explaining GraphQL queries (#611)

  • Fixed   Add bracket-matching highlights to editor (#649)

  • Fixed   Add link to Stardog docs in Studio help menu (#644)

  • Fixed   Stored queries db filter should show all accessable queries (#653)

  • Fixed   Upgrade Electron to at least v3 (#613)

  • Fixed   "Create New Database" dialog advanced options are misleading (#666)

  • Fixed   Bug when deleting permissions for users (#623)

  • Fixed   Changing tabs can hide result columns (#594)

  • Fixed   Editor’s "Find" functionality is broken with words outside of view (#625)

  • Fixed   Fix user experience when assigning a new role to a user (#624)

  • Fixed   HTTPS connections with self-signed certs have stopped working (#702)

  • Fixed   Killing queries via Studio doesn’t work (#413)

  • Fixed   Path query results don’t use stored namespaces (#572)

  • Fixed   Progress indicator is missing on "Save" button when VG is updated (#606)

  • Fixed   Renderer process crashes when very rapidly switching between multiple language tabs (#618)

  • Fixed   Resizing of editor causes "unexpected render" console errors (#635)

  • Fixed   Security resource names are reformatted such that backslash is replaced with comma (#656)

  • Fixed   SPARQL LANGMATCHES BuiltInCall is not recognized (#680)

  • Fixed   Store Query dialog should default to database currently selected in editor (#515)

  • Fixed   Studio unhelpfully highlights single characters (#597)

  • Fixed   Syntax highlighting bug for variables in template strings in SMS (#630)

  • Fixed   Virtual Graphs label shouldn’t show "Requires Stardog 6+" when you have Stardog 6+ (#610)

  • Fixed   With multiple notifications, closing notifications doesn’t work right (#451)

v1.2.3 Release

Release date: 2019-01-11