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Proceedings of the 7th Linked Data in Architecture and Construction Workshop Nov 27, 2019

Integration of environmental data in BIM tool & Linked Building Data

Justine Flore Tchouanguem Djuedja, Pieter Pauwels, Henry Abanda Fonbeyin, Camille Magniont, Mohamed Hedi Karray, and Bernard Kamsu Foguem


Environmental assessment is a critical need to ensure building sustainability. In order to enhance the sustainability of building, involved actors should be able to access and share not only information about the building but also data about products and especially their environmental assessment.

Among several approaches that have been proposed to achieve that, semantic web technologies stand out from the crowd by their capabilities to share data and enhance interoperability in between the most heterogeneous systems. This paper presents the implementation of a method in which semantic web technologies and particularly Linked Data have been combined with Building Information Modelling (BIM) tools to foster building sustainability by introducing products with their environmental assessment in building data during the modelling phase. Based on Linked Building Data (LBD) vocabularies and environmental data, several ontologies have been generated in order to make both of them available as Resource Description Framework (RDF) graphs. A database access plugin has been developed and installed in a BIM tool. In that way, the LBD generated from the BIM tool contains, for each product a reference to its environmental assessment which is contained in a triplestore.

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