Bring More Structure to MongoDB With a Knowledge Graph

With the Stardog Knowledge Graph, you can tame the challenges of data silos and data variety in your organization to build a reusable framework to unify data and create knowledge. The latest release of Stardog’s Knowledge Graph platform supports MongoDB as a Virtual Graph. Data from MongoDB can leverage all of the features of the Knowledge Toolkit and can now be unified with the wealth of structured and unstructured data in your organization.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

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Ready to bring structure to your MongoDB databases with the Knowledge Graph and unify them with the world of enterprise data?

Meet the Speakers
Michael Grove

Founder and VP, Engineering, Stardog

Paul Jackson

Senior Software Engineer, Stardog

Stardog is incredibly easy to use, I learned to launch the platform and begin integrating data sources in a single day.”

Senior Data Architect