Advanced RDF & SPARQL

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This intermediate-level training teaches several advanced features within Stardog. Learn how Stardog extends SPARQL to find paths between nodes in the RDF graph, which we call path queries. Review how to use full text-search, Stardog Studio’s Provenance, and Stardog’s GeoSPARQL for spatial data. By the end of this training, you’ll be able to centrally manage your queries using Stored Query Service (SQS) and write flexible queries using Named Graph Aliases. You’ll also have an understanding of Stardog’s support for edge properties, and how to best bridge the gap between the RDF data model and the Property Graph data model.

Meet the trainer
Joseph Hayes

Senior Software Engineer

What you’ll learn
  • How to use PATHS queries to discover the many ways 2 nodes in your graph can be connected
  • How to use full text-search with Stardog data
  • Where your data comes from using Studio’s Provenance feature
  • Exploring your spatial data using Stardog’s GeoSPARQL support
  • Centrally managing your queries using the Stored Query Service (SQS)
  • How to write flexible queries using Named Graph Aliases
  • How to bridge the gap to between Property Graphs and a Knowledge Graph by leveraging Edge Properties (a RDF*/SPARQL* extension)
Meet the trainer:
Joseph Hayes

Senior Software Engineer

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