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This beginner-level training teaches the basics of successful data modeling for developing an Enterprise Knowledge Graph. Learn about the various types of data models used across the graph domain with a specific focus on ontology models, a particular model type frequently used in knowledge graph development. Review the step-by-step process of model development and learn the practical considerations for ontology development, including use of naming scheme, ontology modularity, and versioning, and testing and debugging. Put it all into practice by learning about existing model development tools, editors, and demo how to build an ontology model using the Models Editor in Stardog Studio.

Meet the trainer
Paraskevi Zerva

Solutions Architect

What you’ll learn
  • How to build a data model, using Stardog Studio, to support your Enterprise Knowledge Graph
  • Fundamentals of data models and data modeling as a process
  • Basics of existing types of models including ontology models
  • The process of successful ontology model development and associated best practices
  • Foundational concepts of ontology models, illustrated through examples, including an overview of existing modeling standards and language representations
Meet the trainer:
Paraskevi Zerva

Solutions Architect

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