Data Science + Machine Learning

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This intermediate-level training teaches Stardog’s Machine Learning capabilities for the data science domain and predictive analytics. Learn how to build a Machine Learning model and use it for prediction, as well as best practices on modeling your data and evaluating accuracy and quality of your results. Review Machine Learning definition and the steps of Machine Learning model development lifecycle, Stardog Machine Learning services and their implementation, and various types of Machine Learning model approaches.

Meet the trainer
Paraskevi Zerva

Solutions Architect

What you’ll learn
  • The Machine Learning Model Development Life Cycle
  • Stardog’s Machine Learning Features and Services for statistical predictions
  • How to prepare training data for a Machine Learning model using Stardog
  • Steps to train and evaluate a  supervised-learning classification model and a Machine Learning regression model using Stardog
  • How to build a similarity model using Stardog
  • How to tune and optimize hyper-parameters to improve model performance
  • Steps to prepare and develop your data in preparation for your model training
Meet the trainer:
Paraskevi Zerva

Solutions Architect

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