Stardog Designer Training

This beginner training is for users that are responsible for designing, building, and maintaining data models using Stardog Designer. The training will discuss the basics of data modeling and will teach users how to map data sources to the data model and create relationships.. They will learn how to create inference rules and apply these rules to their data model. Users will learn how to publish their data model and view it in Explorer.

Meet the trainer
Joe Fagan

Solution Consultant

What you’ll learn
  • Design a basic data model;
  • Create mappings to data sources;
  • Create and map relationships;
  • Create and edit attributes and labels;
  • Publish a data model;
  • Create and publish inference rules.

Stardog Designer Introduction

Video | 3:33 mins

This lesson provides an overview of the Designer training and lists the pre-requisites and topics covered.

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Data Modeling Overview

Video | 12:19 mins

This lesson provides an overview of data modeling with Stardog Designer.

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Video | 12:08 mins

In this lesson, viewers will learn about mapping data sources using Stardog Designer.

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Video | 8:06 mins

Viewers will learn how to create relationships between classes in Stardog Designer.

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Publish the Data Model

Video | 5:39 mins

Viewers will learn how to publish a data model built with Stardog Designer and then view it in Stardog Explorer.

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Inference Rules

Video | 18:33 mins

This lesson describes how to define business logic in Stardog Designer by creating inference rules and then deploying it to Stardog Explorer.

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Designer Review

Video | 3:03 mins

This lesson reviews the topics discussed in the Designer Training.

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