Stardog Explorer Training

This beginner-level training teaches users how to gain insights that can drive business success. Users will learn how to follow their intuition and investigate their data to uncover patterns, dependencies, or unexpected insight using Stardog Explorer. By the conclusion of this training, users will be able to search and query their data, filter results to easily find what they need, and explore related topics visually.

Meet the trainer
Helen M Lightner

VP, Training & Certification

What you’ll learn
  • View the knowledge graph model;
  • Explore the knowledge graph in three different ways;
  • Save and run visual queries;
  • Share insightful views;
  • Export data.

Stardog Explorer Introduction

Video | 3:26 mins

This video provides an overview of the Stardog Explorer Training. It will discuss how Stardog Explorer fits within the Stardog Enterprise Knowledge Graph Platform, who uses it and how it can be used within an organization.

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Getting Connected

Video | 4:25 mins

This video shows a user how to get connected to Stardog Cloud by creating a free Stardog Cloud account. With this free account, users are enabled to learn more about Stardog Applications, including Explorer, Designer and Studio by viewing tutorials, knowledge kits, documentation and training.

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Viewing The Knowledge Graph Model

Video | 10:30 mins

This video will discuss key terminology used in Stardog Explorer. It will also provide an overview of the user interface and discuss ways to explore the knowledge graph.

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Exploring the Knowledge Graph Model : Keyword Search

Video | 2:28 mins

Viewers will learn more about how to perform keyword searches using Stardog Explorer.

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Exploring the Knowledge Graph Model : Query Builder

Video | 5:55 mins

Viewers will learn how the Stardog Explorer Query Builder enables users to visually define queries based on the model of their data.

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Exploring the Knowledge Graph Model : Reasoning

Video | 4:09 mins

Viewers will learn how to apply Reasoning in Stardog Explorer.

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Sharing Insights

Video | 3:02 mins

Viewers will learn how to download and share insights in Stardog Explorer.

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Video | 0:57 mins

Viewers will review key concepts discussed in the Stardog Explorer Training.

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