Getting Started with Virtual Graphs

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Join this training webinar to learn how to map relational data sources to the RDF graph model and query external relational data sources as virtual graphs.

Stardog supports the standard W3C R2RML mapping language for defining how data in a relational system maps to RDF graphs. We’ve created the Stardog Mapping Syntax to simplify the process of writing these mappings. Once the mapping is created, Stardog seamlessly supports both federation (live query) and materialization (extraction) methods to access relational data.

Meet the trainer
Evren Sirin

Founder & Chief Scientist, Stardog

What you’ll learn
  • The foundations of the R2RML standard for mapping relational models to RDF models
  • Stardog’s developer-friendly, SPARQL-based mapping language
  • How to query relational data stored in an RDBMS using SPARQL
  • Extending the virtual graph approach to NoSQL data sources like MongoDB
  • The pros and cons of data virtualization compared to the ETL approach
Meet the trainer:
Evren Sirin

Founder & Chief Scientist, Stardog

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