Ensure continuity of operations with robust contingency planning

Ask complex “what-if” questions and trace related components across your network to evaluate the total impact of individual risk events.

Economic volatility is unavoidable, but for most organizations, the information needed to plan for risk events exists in silos that do not speak with one another. This results in poor decision making, prolonged exposure to network risk and financial loss. Using Stardog’s knowledge graph, organizations can get a clear view across risk-related data and instantly identify points of failure.

​​Instantly see and understand risk in your network

Stardog creates a Digital Twin of your physical network, allowing you to easily evaluate dependencies between data sources and applications to identify single points of failure, perform risk assessment, and analyze resiliency. Rapid, iterative implementation means you can see initial usability within weeks rather than months.

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Represent the reality of your IT infrastructure

​​Move from reactive to proactive risk management

“How can we ensure continuity of operations during extreme weather events spurred by climate change?” This and similar questions are being posted to today’s risk professionals. Artificial intelligence and machine learning built into Stardog can help you uncover contextual and relevant insights that inform mitigation strategies. A flexible data model allows for rapid iteration, meaning you can leverage prior work to answer new questions that arise. Armed with this information, you can determine which risk scenarios are most important to avoid and proactively report on them.

​​Confidently execute your organization’s strategy

​​Stardog’s knowledge graph unifies data of all structures and enriches it with real-world context, uncovering blind spots that can potentially put revenue at risk. Knowing all possible risk scenarios and having plans for remediation in place means you can aggressively pursue your strategy.

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    Ad-hoc report requests went from taking 5+ days to taking 1 day.

    Managing Director, Enterprise Infrastructure, Top 10 US Bank


Virtual Graphs

​​Access data remotely using Stardog’s virtualization capabilities, allowing access to data without duplication or migration

Data Quality Management

​​Use Data Quality Constraints to find inconsistencies across your data silos and flag conflicts to data producers


​​Pull the thread on your data with Pathfinder; trace networks of dependencies and uncover the best path forward


​​Stardog easily incorporates new data and ontologies into a common data model and language, allowing for easy iterative development