Why Stardog?

Stardog is the leading Enterprise Knowledge Graph. Query, search, and analyze all enterprise data. No matter where it is, what type it is, or how often it changes.


Stardog uniquely combines graph database and a powerful AI-based knowledge toolkit to solve the hardest data unification problems at the largest enterprises in the world. Our approach combines warehouse, virtualization, and system of record capabilities to turn data silos into actionable insight fast.

Stardog supports the most powerful data model which means you can represent any enterprise data silo, data source, or repository in the Knowledge Graph. And that means you can ignore the data silos without consolidating or eliminating them.

Stardog diagram: Data Marts, Warehouses, Unstructured Data, CSV, Applications, Data Lake


Stardog unifies every type of enterprise data—structured, semistructured, and unstructured—and all data velocities—fast-moving, slow-moving, and new data. This unique flexibility lets you unify any enterprise data without limitation.

The hardest data problems are dominated by data variety. Which means the answers to strategic enterprise questions exist in documents, databases, and silos that you can’t see into or may not even be aware of. Only Stardog means never worrying again about where data lives. 

Future Proof

The business of the future is to be dangerous. Today every enterprise is faced with a stark choice: manage and monetize its most valuable asset, enterprise data; or get disrupted by a competitor that can.

Stardog is the only data management platform custom built to unify all enterprise data silos and data variety. The future is ever-increasing data variety and only the Stardog Knowledge Graph lets you meet that challenge.

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