Stardog is an enterprise graph database: SPARQL for queries, OWL for reasoning, Java for the enterprise.

Stardog: Enterprise Graph Database
Current version 3.0
23 March 2015

Stardog makes the complex possible.

Stardog is the leading semantic graph database: search, query, reasoning, and constraints in a lightweight, pure Java system.

Stardog: A Quick Overview

Stardog Developer, Enterprise, and Community


  • No license fees
  • 10 databases
  • 25M triples per db
  • 8 concurrent connections
  • 10,000 OWL axioms
  • 20 ICV constraints
  • 4 users; 4 roles

Developer Start here!

  • free 30-day trial
  • Licensed per developer
  • Unlimited machines
  • No data limits
  • Support by email
  • Any use except production


  • Licensed per machine
  • Server management module
  • No data limits
  • Support by phone or email
  • Any use including production

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Stardog: Enterprise Graph Database

Stardog is an enterprise graph database:
SPARQL for queries; OWL for reasoning;
pure Java for the Enterprise.

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The current version is 3.0, released 23 March 2015.

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