stardog-admin index export Manual Page


stardog-admin index export —Dump database contents


stardog-admin index export [ --alternate ] [ --backup ] [ --compression <Compression> ] [ {-f | --format} <rdf format> ] [ --index <index> ] [ --metrics ] [ --progress ] [--] <Database>...


Alternate method for printing the data. Might succeed if default mode fails due to corrupted data
Read index data from a backup
--compression <Compression>
Compression format [GZIP, BZ2, ZIP] for the exported data.
-f <rdf format>, --format <rdf format>
RDF Format to dump data as. The supported formats are NTRIPLES, RDF/XML, TURTLE, PRETTY_TURTLE, TRIG, TRIX, N3, NQUADS, JSONLD.
--index <index>
Name of the index to use for retrieving triples. Default is SPO.
Print metrics info
Print progress monitor on stderr
This option can be used to separate command-line options from the list of argument, (useful when arguments might be mistaken for command-line options
Stardog database to query; this is the path to an existing database directory


Dump the contents of a database in a given RDF format.


Dump the contents of the database as Turtle

    $ stardog-admin index dump --format turtle /path/to/stardog/database