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Flexible, free options to try Stardog: download and test the platform for 60 days or use our hosted Sandbox

Get a 60-day license key

Use our fully-featured platform for free for 60 days. Copy the code for your preferred system and follow our setup instructions to get started. In academia? Enter your academic email to get a 1-year license for non-commercial projects.

  • curl
  • Docker
  • Debian
  • RPM
  • Download

docker pull stardog/stardog:latest

docker run -it -v $STARDOG_HOME:/var/opt/stardog

#To continue setup, please refer to our instructions.

Docker is required for Windows users.

Visualize your results in Studio

Use Studio on your desktop to browse connections in your data and quickly build and customize your knowledge graph

Sandbox: no installation required

Dive into the Sandbox to explore the platform with no setup. Sandbox is a free, hosted environment and includes Stardog Studio. Perfect for beginners, our Sandbox includes pre-built datasets, sample SPARQL queries, and interactive tutorials.

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