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13th Annual International Technology, Education and Development Conference | Mar 28, 2019

Learning Analytics Software for Medical Students regarding Pregnancy Complications

The fast development of software for medicine caused the arise of new methods of learning about illnesses and complications which appear during pregnancies.

Carlos III University of Madrid | Oct 26, 2019

Formal ontologies and data shapes within the Software Engineering development lifecycle (TSE)

Business models, organizational activities and corporate strategies are now being reshaped to meet the new needs of a challenging and evolving environment in which more up-todate, secure, safer, cost-efficient and personalized software products and services must be timely delivered.

Lecture Notes in Computer Science | Nov 4, 2019

Evaluating Generalized Path Queries by Integrating Algebraic Path Problem Solving with Graph Pattern Matching

Path querying on Semantic Networks is gaining increased focus because of its broad applicability. Some graph databases offer support for variants of path queries e.g. shortest path.

Sensors | Nov 15, 2019

E-Cabin: A Software Architecture for Passenger Comfort and Cruise Ship Management

A cruise ship is a concentrate of technologies aimed at providing passengers with the best leisure experience.

International Conference on Engineering Design, ICED19 | Nov 24, 2019

A pragmatic approach towards leveraging employee competences by use of semantic web technologies

Global competition in combination with the increasing specialization of labor requires organizations to leverage their employees’ competences.

NUI Galway | Nov 24, 2019

A scalable spatio-temporal query processing engine for linked sensor data

The ever-increasing amount of Internet of Things (IoT) data emanating from sensors and mobile devices is creating new capabilities and unprecedented economic opportunity for individuals, organizations, and states.

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