Conversational Data for the Enterprise

Change your relationship with enterprise data: ask any question and get an accurate, trusted, and timely answer immediately.

Data fabric is the future of data integration

Streamline data analytics

With ready access to the richest flexible semantic layer, explainable AI, and reusable data modeling, data engineers and scientists can be 95% more productive — create and expand semantic data models,  understand any data interrelationship, and run federated queries to speed time to insight. Learn more

Access data anywhere, anytime to reduce costs

Stardog offers the most advanced graph data virtualization and high-performance graph database — up to 57x better price/performance — to connect any data lakehouse, warehouse or enterprise data source without moving or copying data. Scale use cases and users at lower infrastructure cost. Learn more

Unleash new insights

Stardog intelligently applies expert knowledge dynamically at query-time to uncover hidden patterns or unexpected insights in relationships that enable better data-informed decisions and business outcomes. Learn more

Learn how to use your existing stack with Stardog to build a data fabric

See how tools like MDM, Data Integration, Data Catalogs and Graph Databases compare, and how to use them side by side with Stardog.