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The Stardog Difference

Querying done right

Our virtual graph capability lets you unify and immediately query data of any type and velocity

Better insights, faster

Built-in machine learning and reasoning uncover hidden patterns so you can make more informed decisions

Scalability that matters

Our reusable platform extends your data model across the enterprise

It’s Time to Solve the Problems with Enterprise Data

unstructured data growth problem
unstructured data growth problem

Enterprise data predicted to grow 800%

Enterprise data is increasingly diverse and distributed. There’s never only one piece of data or one place to get data. Gartner predicts an 800% growth in data volume over the next five years with over 80% being unstructured data. Storing, managing, and analyzing data has never been harder or more expensive.

business problems don't solve themselves by datatype diagram

Business problems don't sort themselves by data type

Traditional data management solutions lead to copies of copies, endless data warehouse costs, and incompatible data silos that don't talk to each other. Stardog unifies your disparate data and gets rid of the data silo problem for good so you can become a modern enterprise and unlock the value of all your data.

business problems don't solve themselves by datatype diagram

“Stardog enables you to be able to browse through the data and all these relationships. It’s a 10 to 1 savings.”

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Andrew Schain
Program Data Integration Manager, Exploration Systems Division

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