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International Conference on Engineering Design, ICED19 Nov 24, 2019

A pragmatic approach towards leveraging employee competences by use of semantic web technologies

Ocker, Felix; Vogel-Heuser, Birgit


Global competition in combination with the increasing specialization of labor requires organizations to leverage their employees’ competences.

The approach presented in this paper empowers organizations to do so in two ways. First, we give employers a lean tool to allocate their employees to current and upcoming projects and make informed decisions whether they should take on new projects. Secondly, we provide the means to identify potential areas for innovation by identifying blind spots of technology transfer. The approach presented relies on semantic web technologies, i.e. an ontology built in OWL and SPARQL queries. To increase usability, we realized a user interface based on a semi-formalized spreadsheet and a python script for the transformation.

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