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Analyzing COVID-19 Data with SPARQL

Evren Sirin

Jul 13, 2020

For those of us living in the US, increasing COVID-19 case numbers across the country is unfortunately at the top of our minds. We do not lack access to data or infographics about the pandemic but having access to raw data and writing queries yourself can still give you different insights or at least get you better at writing queries. For this reason, we decided to turn the open-source COVID-19 dataset published by New York Times into RDF and included it in our publicly accessible Stardog Sandbox environment.

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Introducing Stardog Labs

Kendall Clark

Jul 6, 2020

I’m delighted to welcome you to Stardog Labs, a new hub of insight, news, and buzz about knowledge graph technology. The site will advance knowledge graph R&D by featuring technical blogs, showcasing job opportunities focused on knowledge graph development, and curating research papers and open source projects.

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Using CIM in Stardog

Evren Sirin

May 5, 2020

The Cloud Information Model (CIM) addresses the brittle data integrations that are common amongst enterprises. With the Stardog CIM archetype, you can start building your knowledge graph with a rich data model that is being standardized by industry leaders.

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Stream Reasoning With Stardog

Guest author Bram Steenwinckel

Mar 18, 2020

Guest author Bram Steenwinckel describes how to perform semantic reasoning over streaming data in your knowledge graph.

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