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University of Brescia Nov 24, 2019

Using a Smart City Ontology to support Personalised Exploration of Urban Data

Devis Bianchini, Valeria De Antonellis, Massimiliano Garda, and Michele Melchiori


During the latest years, Smart City projects aimed at driving local governments towards the strong use of technologies to support a higher quality of urban spaces and a better offering of public services.

From an information viewpoint, this means enabling different categories of users, including citizens, Public Administration (PA), utility and energy providers, to access the large amounts of data in multiple, heterogeneous Smart City data sources, by adopting new tools and methods to take decisions that might improve city daily life. Aggregation of urban data according to multiple perspectives through the definition of proper indicators enables urban data exploration at different granularity levels for distinct categories of users. Furthermore, Semantic Web technologies may be used to enable interoperability and improve data access. In this paper, we propose a Smart Living Ontology, to provide a semanticenriched representation of city indicators. On top of the ontology and users’ characterisation, a Semantic Layer has been designed to enable personalised access to urban data.

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