About us

Stardog Union is a privately-held, venture-backed enterprise software company in Washington, DC. We make Stardog, the leading Enterprise Knowledge Graph.

We <3 great software, some cats, and all good dogs.

Stardog Culture

Our culture is based on mutual respect, solving hard problems, insistence on engineering excellence, collegiality in all things, rigor in design, research, implementation, testing, and a deep suspicion of corporate bullshit.

We care about work-life balance and productivity in the short and long run. If you eliminate the unnecessary, the distracting, and the tedious, what you're left with is a healthy work week full of wins. We offer remote work in the right circumstances, as well as offices in Washington, DC, and Boston.


Al Baker

VP, Enterprise Solutions

Before Stardog, Al led development teams creating next generation software solutions at Booz Allen Hamilton, Avaya, and Lucent. With a passion for open source, he's developed many Stardog client integrations including Clojure, Groovy, and Spring.


Jess Balint

Senior Software Engineer

Jess is a lifelong hacker with a penchant for database systems. Swept up in the declarative nature of SQL, he took to building big databases in finance and marketing. At Stardog, Jess is working on virtual graph planning and execution as well as unstructured data ingestion and machine learning. He lives in Madison, Wisconsin with his wife and daughter, two dachshunds and two cats.


John Bresnahan

Senior Software Engineer

John has over 15 years experience in distributed computing. He began his career working in Grid computing research which laid the ground work for cloud computing. He worked on one of the earliest infrastructure cloud offerings (2004) and was a core member of OpenStack. John currently works on integrating Stardog with various cloud computing offerings like AWS and Pivotal Cloud Foundry.


Kendall Clark

Co-founder & CEO

Kendall has been a welder's mate, ditchdigger, yard boy, nanny, philosopher, writer, editor, software engineer, and AI researcher. He lives in DC with his beautiful wife, two fiercesome daughters, & two dogs, Tuna and Bandit.


Greg Coluni

Senior Software Engineer

Greg’s focus is on Enterprise Architecture. He has worked as a technical lead and developer creating innovative solutions for multimillion-dollar, globally deployed systems for the Army, Navy, and NASA. He lives in Point Pleasant, NJ, where he enjoys spending time with his family and going to the beach.


A.J. Cook

North American Sales

From a small family business to DC area startups, A.J. has been focused on sales, operations and growth for over 10 years. At Stardog he has the best of both worlds: lending operating experience and creativity to every aspect of growing the business while heading up North American sales and engaging with the world’s biggest companies. A.J. can be found cooking with his young son, wrestling with his pitbull and his retriever-shepherd mix, or on a paddleboard in the Potomac.


Jonathan Doan

VP, Sales

Before joining Stardog, Jonathan spent the majority of his career building and growing sales teams in enterprise BI, global content delivery and marketing automation. After living with disconnected data across a variety of technology companies, Stardog was a natural fit. A serial startup veteran, Jonathan has an MBA from Colorado State University and coaches and plays hockey in Northern Virginia.


Will Dunbar

Board Member

Will Dunbar co-founded Core Capital Partners in 1999. Prior to Core, he was founder and CEO of Pebble Hill Capital, an early-stage, technology-focused investment company and was an early investor in webMethods, one of the most successful software IPOs in NASDAQ history.


Scott Fines

Engineer & Mathematician

Scott specializes in algorithms and data structures for high performance distributed computing environments. In particular, he is interested in building systems which maintain very high performance under massively concurrent load and extremely large data sets. He has a Master’s in Applied Mathematics, specializing in numerical analysis and computational mathematics. Scott lives in Columbia, Missouri, with his wife Brianna and son Ryan, who does not enjoy computers.

Steve Frederick

Steve Frederick

Board Member

Steve joined Grotech Ventures in 2005 and has worked in venture capital since 1997. He started two companies, beginning his career at IBM. Other game changing companies in his portfolio include ChurnZero, Promoboxx, Urjanet, WhiteOps, ThreatConnect, Two Six Labs, and Parse.ly

Andy Gross

Andy Gross

Senior Software Engineer

Andy is a recognized expert on distributed systems, databases, and cloud architectures with 20 years of experience building world class products, services, and engineering teams. He is the primary author of Riak, an influential open source NoSQL database.


Michael Grove

Co-founder & VP, Engineering

Michael has more than 15 years of experience in AI, Semantic Technology, and graph databases. Prior to Stardog, Michael performed research on the use of graph-based technologies in pervasive computing environments while at Fujitsu Labs of America. Michael is a graduate of the University of Maryland in Computer Science and an alumnus of its MINDLAB, a seminal research group in Semantic Web technology.

Paul Jackson

Paul Jackson

Senior Software Engineer

Paul has more than 20 years experience developing enterprise commercial specializing in distributed systems, data quality, and graph-based Master Data Management. He enjoys dabbling in various home projects, playing piano, learning to play Go, and transitioning to an empty nest as the last of his two boys leaves the nest.


Pavel Klinov


Pavel first joined Stardog in 2007 as a research intern and then returned in 2011 as a Senior Developer responsible for a number of core Stardog components, including the query planner. Before Stardog, he worked at CERN and graduated with a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Manchester. Pavel lives in Germany and is the company's first employee in the EU.

Dan Levine

Dan Levine

Managing Partner, Tenfore Holdings

Dan focuses on commerce and Big Data investments where Tenfore can apply its operating experience and strategic relationships to help companies realize their full revenue, profit and market-value potential for the long-term. He has 7 years’ experience overseeing, developing, and operating core and startup businesses, particularly within Sears Holdings, concentrating on e-commerce, mobile, social, machine learning, and local spaces. Dan holds an AB from Harvard and an MBA from Harvard Business School.


Kevin Long

Senior Data Architect

A skilled information and project manager with more than 20 years of experience in planning, developing, and implementing IT solutions. Customers include NASA, as well as leading Fortune 500 companies in the energy and financial sectors. Kevin lives in League City, Texas, with his family.

Jim MacIntyre

Board Member

Jim MacIntyre is a serial entrepreneur with over a 20-year track record of technology innovation. He is the Chairman and CEO of Product Lab, a private incubator of technology companies. He also serves as a board member of other dynamic, high-growth technology companies, including: Tealium, Optoro, and Logi Analytics. MacIntyre was founder and CEO of pioneering, real-time visual analytics firm Visual Sciences, which was acquired by Omniture. Later he served as Chief of Ecommerce Technology for GSI Commerce, which was bought by eBay in 2011.


Evan MacQueen

VP, Operations & Finance

Prior to joining Stardog, Evan spent ten years as an investor, most recently at Core Capital Partners, a venture capital firm focusing on early stage data intensive enterprise applications and infrastructure. His investment thesis largely revolved around disparate data and systems in the enterprise. At Stardog, “Mother” enjoys spoiling the fun. Evan lives with his wife and three cats in Arlington, Virginia.


Paul Marshall

Senior Software Engineer

Paul enjoys working on and breaking distributed systems as well as contributing to open source projects. He has a PhD in computer science from the University of Colorado at Boulder and has previously worked with Dell, Rackspace, the National Center for Atmospheric Research, and Argonne National Lab. At Stardog he focuses on improving Stardog Cluster and developing our suite of chaos tests.


Stephen Nowell

Senior Software Engineer

Stephen studied Software Engineering at Shippensburg University. Before Stardog, he worked for the Army and the financial industry. Stephen currently lives in York, Pennsylvania, with his wife, Amanda.


Pedro Oliveira

Senior Software Engineer

Pedro Oliveira is a Software Engineer at Stardog. His main interests are machine learning, natural language processing, and coal mining.

Jonathan Perl

Board Member

Jonathan joined Boulder Ventures in 2002 and has over 18 years of venture capital experience focused exclusively on early-stage information technology companies. He currently sits on the boards of Stardog Union, Zenoss, SurfWatchLabs, Terrago Technologies, eMinor, and FlyByMedia. In addition, he is a board observer at Clarabridge and MediaMath.


Martin Pomykala

Inside Sales Representative

Martin is an experienced business development professional with a passion for solving his clients data-related problems. Martin joins the stardog team, from IBM, where he helped clients find big data and analytics solutions. When not helping customers or learning about technology, you can find Martin on the golf course, in the kitchen, or watching the Patriots win Super Bowls.

Bryan Prout

Bryan Prout

Senior Director, Customer Success

Prior to coming to Stardog, Bryan spent time at a global consulting firm, a text analytics provider, and most recently in enterprise software. Quoting Seinfeld, playing golf, discovering new beers, and watching sports are among his favorite pastimes. He lives in Arlington, VA, where he and his wife chase around their toddler daughter.

Jason Rogers

Jason Rogers

Senior Software Engineer

Jason has over 10 years of experience across the stack in web development. Immediately prior to joining Stardog, he worked as a software engineer and technical lead at AddThis/Oracle Data Cloud. He has a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Rochester, and, when not writing code or attempting to think deep thoughts, enjoys watching baseball, spending time with his wife and son, and learning new things.

Brian Rubinton

Brian Rubinton

Software Engineer

Brian is a Software Engineer with a passion for using code to simply express problems and their solutions. He currently lives in Princeton, NJ with his wife and daughter.

Jen Senwoo

Jen Senwoo

Director, Demand Generation

Jen has over 10 years of experience successfully creating and implementing innovative integrated marketing campaigns for numerous products across a variety of channels, including web, display, SEM, email, events, and social media. She has a B.S. in Marketing from the University of Maryland College Park.


Evren Sirin

Co-founder & CTO

Evren has been working on variations of knowledge graphs since early 2003 and is now using his expertise to make Stardog best in show. He obsesses about simple, clean code and is known for deleting as much code as he writes. He joined the company after getting his PhD in Computer Science from University of Maryland, College Park. He lives right outside Boston with his wife, daughter, and twin sons where they suffer through cold winters and enjoy mild summers.


Ty Soehngen

Software Engineer

Ty previously worked as a front end developer for Urban Outfitters. He now builds web applications at Stardog and spends his free time exploring DC's pizza and Thai offerings, rock climbing, and playing ping pong.


Michael Soren

Distinguished Senior Software Engineer

Prior to Stardog, Michael worked as a technical lead and developer in the telecommunications, pharmaceutical, and financial industries as well as DOD. He lives in upstate New York and enjoys solving problems in mathematical physics.


Sue Spinney

Office Manager

A seasoned office manager, assistant, and troubleshooter, she has worked in every job sector inside the Beltway and has served as EA to top executives of two of the biggest companies in the US. A certified personal trainer and exercise instructor, Sue recently rescued a 3-year-old Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Scout. Sue enjoys working out and spending time with Scout and her husband, Scott.


Alexander Toktarev

Senior Software Engineer

With 14 years programming experience, Alexander enjoys mathematics, snowboarding, basketball, and swimming. He likes traveling around the world and finding new and interesting people and places.


Mark Wood

Business Development Consultant EMEA

Mark has over twenty years sales experience n the online data space. Mark has successfully built European operations for many US companies and in his last role at Tealium, took the business from $0 to a $7 million turnover in 3 years.