Proactively identify and mitigate risk with a resilient digital foundation

Stardog unifies software and hardware assets with all the relevant knowledge these IT systems and applications touch, forming the foundation for your operational risk practice

Many ITAM solutions are stressed by new digital business needs (eg IoT), fractured cloud and on-prem delivery models, and new technologies like AI. But Stardog’s ability to represent the reality of hardware and software infrastructure as well as the related usage information provides better visibility into business process and allows for more strategic management of all IT assets.

Unify existing ITAM assets to create a holistic view of all connected inventory. Marry this information with incident reporting, control registries, and other risk management apps to create a reusable semantic layer to manage operational risk.

Proactively identify key risks to build a more resilient IT infrastructure

Get started with your operational risk practice. With improved visibility into IT infrastructure, conduct proactive network assessments and impact analysis. Determine what would break in any given scenario to more confidently manage risk scenarios and prioritize interventions. Attach costs to the impact of a theoretical incident to help secure funding for improvements or prioritize system improvements.

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See how knowledge graphs can support to operational resilience

Represent the reality of your IT infrastructure

Stardog’s knowledge graph-based solution tracks layers of associations between data, mimicking complex real-world context. With these relationships captured, easily evaluate dependencies between data sources and applications to identify single points of failure, perform risk assessment, and analyze resiliency. Protect your organization with the ability to ask broad questions like “How many old versions of software do we have running in the bank that are accessing sensitive data?”

Make ITAM about the information, not just the assets

Marry the management of software and hardware assets with the information they contain for new insights into business processes. Stardog allows you to connect all IT assets and internal knowledge in a single, flexible system. In one Tier 1 global bank, Stardog’s virtualization capability is used to connect 4,000 assets across 400 systems related to 60,000 employees! This information was previously stored in relational databases, which while they supported uncomplicated queries, they couldn’t find all the dependencies across systems. Level up these existing assets using Stardog.

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    Ad-hoc report requests went from taking 5+ days to taking 1 day.

    Managing Director, Enterprise Infrastructure, Top 10 US Bank


Virtual graphs

Access data remotely using Stardog’s virtualization capabilities, allowing access to data without duplication or migration

Data quality management

Use Data Quality Constraints to find inconsistencies across your data silos and flag conflicts to data producers


Stardog is built on open W3C standards designed to facilitate interoperability and exchange of data

Robust security

Assign permissions by user profile, restrict access to datasets with Named Graphs, and authenticate users for secure access