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7 questions to decide if you should virtualize or materialize your data
Evren Sirin
Jan 28, 2020, 4 minute read

Here are questions to help decide if you should virtualize or materialize your data.

Innovation Spotlight: How GeoPhy is Bringing Data Science to Commercial Real Estate
Alison Goodrum
Jan 7, 2020, 7 minute read

How do you put a price on a piece of commercial real estate?

Studio Learns New Tricks
Jason Rogers
Dec 12, 2019, 3 minute read

We’ve added three new language intelligence features to Stardog Studio to make it even easier for you to work with Stardog using GraphQL, SPARQL, and virtual graphs.

Innovation Spotlight: How QIMR Brings Full Traceability to Cancer Research
Alison Goodrum
Dec 10, 2019, 6 minute read

Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) are the nervous center of any research lab. Each LIMS holds patient, clinical, genomic, and trial data, supports research workflows across the lab, and provides the reports required for medical breakthroughs.

Building Innovative Products with Knowledge Graphs
Natalie Clark
Nov 11, 2019, 5 minute read

Learn how tech leaders are using knowledge graphs to build human-centered products that users love and how to build a knowledge graph yourself.

Introducing Stardog Studio in the Browser
Simon Krauss
Nov 2, 2019, 2 minute read

Stardog Studio 1.13 includes support for Stardog Studio in the browser via Docker - no application installation required.

Search in Studio
Brian James Rubinton
Nov 1, 2019, 4 minute read

Sometimes you want to find something in your graph without writing a SPARQL query, and now Studio is here to help.

Introducing the Stardog BI/SQL Server
Jess Balint
Oct 2, 2019, 4 minute read

Put your unified data in the hands of more analysts with Stardog’s new BI/SQL server, which provides a straightforward connection to SQL-based Business Intelligence (BI) platforms like Tableau and Power BI.

New Website, Same Mission
Lauren Taylor
Sep 17, 2019, 3 minute read

We’re happy to announce our new website. New look and feel but same great Stardog!

Visual Query Plans in Studio
Brian James Rubinton
Sep 16, 2019, 2 minute read

We built a visual query plan interface to help you write better queries.

Announcing Stardog 7
Kendall Clark
Aug 4, 2019, 5 minute read

Today we’re happy to announce the GA release of Stardog 7, including new low-level storage engine based on RocksDB. Read on for the glorious details.

Studio SHACL Released
Jason Rogers
Jul 16, 2019, 2 minute read

As of v1.9.0 (July 11, 2019), Stardog Studio supports the W3C standard Shapes Constraint Language (SHACL)! This support includes language intelligence for SHACL, the ability to add SHACL constraints to Stardog and validate your data against those constraints, and more.