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Do the hard things

We’ve always been drawn to a challenge—it’s in our DNA. Never avoid doing the hard things or having hard conversations just because they are hard.

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Solve problems creatively

Reframe those hard problems until you find a version that we can solve. The secret of all computer science is not taking problems at face value. If you can’t solve problem X, then reframe it as problem Y, that you can solve.

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Listen earnestly

Practice attuning yourself to your colleagues every day; getting on the same wavelength to understand the source and origin of their questions, attitudes, views, claims. This applies both internally and externally; it applies to us individually and to all of us collectively.

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Be as direct as possible

In an environment of complex challenges, there’s little time for indirectness and even less time for insincerity. Be as direct as you are able to be given the situation. Directness contributes to an environment where you can say what you feel and be heard. You are most direct when you are acting most authentically to who you really are.

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Practice charity

This one is ethical and epistemic: it applies to how we act and to how we know. Trust the intent, motive, intelligence, and dedication of others. Resolve all ambiguities of interpretation in favor of the other person. If you aren’t sure what the other person means, always assume the best. That is the way of both rationality and of compassion.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at Stardog

Stardog is committed to a diverse and inclusive workforce where everybody belongs. Where every great idea can be heard. Where hard work and commitment are rewarded. Where everyone lives our values daily. And, most importantly, where everyone is empowered to do their very best work.

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