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February 21, 2019

Solving Data Challenges in Financial Services

Learn how knowledge graphs can help you track, analyze, and index data to mitigate risk and enable firm-wide data management.

February 27, 2019

Transform Your Data into an Asset with a Knowledge Graph

Learn how knowledge graphs overcome the challenges of your current data management system to help you understand the context and relationships in data.


Enterprise Data World – March 17 – 22, 2019, BOSTON, USA

Join us in Boston to for EDW’s data management conference. Visit our booth to meet with experts.

KM Showcase – APRIL 4 - 5, 2019, ARLINGTON, VA

Join us to discuss knowledge management best practices and case studies.

On-demand webinars

Bring More Structure to MongoDB With a Knowledge Graph

Learn how to create a mapping to MongoDB and run a real-time query in Stardog

Ending Data Silos: How Knowledge Graphs Make Data Unification Affordable

Learn how to unify data silos regardless of source and type

Managing Complex Data: Knowledge Graphs & Data Visualization

Learn what a Knowledge Graph is and why data lineage is a critical element to understand organizational data.

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Structure Your Unstructured Data with a Knowledge Graph

Learn how to unify structured and unstructured datasets into a reusable Knowledge Graph platform.


February 20, 2019

Query Stardog with GraphQL

Join this training webinar to learn how to use GraphQL to query Stardog's knowledge graph.