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Tips For Query Optimization

Join this Stardog Webinar to learn tips and tricks for writing performant SPARQL queries.

Getting Started with Virtual Graphs

Join this training webinar to learn how to map relational data sources to the RDF graph model and query external relational data sources as virtual graphs.

Reasoning with RDF Graphs and Ontologies

This training is intended for those who have some familiarity with RDF and would like to learn how to use reasoning for enriching the RDF graphs with new inferences.

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Transform Your Data into an Asset with a Knowledge Graph

Learn how knowledge graphs overcome the challenges of your current data management system to help you understand the context and relationships in data.

Data Validation and SHACL

Join this training to learn the basics of SHACL and how to validate RDF graphs with SHACL

Solving Data Challenges in Financial Services

Learn how knowledge graphs can help you track, analyze, and index data to mitigate risk and enable firm-wide data management.

Getting Started with Data Modeling

Join this training webinar to learn how how you can get started with Stardog's graph data model based on RDF.

Bring More Structure to MongoDB With a Knowledge Graph

Learn how to create a mapping to MongoDB and run a real-time query in Stardog

Ending Data Silos: How Knowledge Graphs Make Data Unification Affordable

Learn how to unify data silos regardless of source and type

Managing Complex Data: Knowledge Graphs & Data Visualization

Learn what a Knowledge Graph is and why data lineage is a critical element to understand organizational data.

Structure Your Unstructured Data with a Knowledge Graph

Learn how to unify structured and unstructured datasets into a reusable Knowledge Graph platform.


August 28, 2019

NIH Tech Day, Bethesda, Maryland, USA

September 16-19, 2019

GPDIS 19, Phoenix, Arizona, USA