Stardog Studio

Stardog Union is proud to announce Stardog Studio, the Knowledge Graph IDE. Studio includes a feature-rich SPARQL query notebook and tools for managing Stardog databases, users, and roles. We're moving fast and have exciting features in the roadmap including graph visualization, support for Stardog's Knowledge Graph Language, and cluster management tools.

Studio will turn into the complete front-end tool for Knowledge Graph development, deployment, and management.

Stardog Studio Application

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Why Stardog Studio?

SPARQL Query Notebook

Allows you to write queries for the Knowledge Graph and includes a SPARQL query editor and interactive results:

  • Write SPARQL queries with auto-complete, syntax highlighting, code folding, and other IDE-style features
  • Execute queries against Stardog database and view results immediately in sortable, collapsible, easy-to-navigate tables
  • Export query results to your file system

Database Management

Enables you to more easily view and administer Stardog databases:

  • View all databases available at any given endpoint
  • Sort, filter, add and drop databases effortlessly
  • Customize database metadata

Security View

Easily manage users and roles for any Stardog system:

  • Enable, disable, add, and delete users
  • Manage permissions for any role