Stardog Studio, our feature-rich IDE, makes working with Stardog easy

Stardog Studio is our tool for data modelers, developers, and administrators to build and manage their data fabric

Query Workspace

Write better queries with a visual, tree-like rendering of your plan. Navigate your plan quickly and identify performance bottlenecks. Write queries in SPARQL, GraphQL, Turtle, and other supported languages—and write them faster with syntax highlighting, auto-complete, and integration with your files and git repos.

Data Modeling

Easily build data models using form-based editors in the Models hub. Import open-standards models and modify them to your use case, and keep existing models up to date. Quickly write, edit, and validate constraints.

Data Virtualization

Connect data sources and map Virtual Graphs into Stardog using fill-in-the-blank templates. Auto-generated mappings can be hand edited for additional precision.

Stardog Administration

Easily create and review users and roles as well as assign and update permissions.

Access Studio Now

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