Digitize your supply chain

Optimize distribution and supply channels with trusted data. Use Stardog for your digital twin initiative.

Digital twin initiatives fail due the complexity of data generated — the data not only varies from sensor data to legacy paper-based systems, but it is also created inconsistently by a variety of stakeholders. Stardog solves these challenges by unifying data from across the supply chain, increasing situational awareness, improving service quality, and reducing the errors that result in damaged, delayed, or lost cargo.

Provide end-to-end transparency

Stardog assigns a unique ID to each data point — data publishers from marketing to distribution can continue business-as-usual with differing data definitions, but all data — including metadata — will attach to that ID. The ability to securely publish this data while maintaining ownership provides stakeholders with current, critical information while promoting interoperability.

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Ericsson’s Connected Logistics Chain platform allows stakeholders to innovate

Improve uptime with predictive maintenance

Anticipate maintenance needs by unifying data — incorporate engineering manuals for machine specs, sensor data from equipment to monitor wear and tear, and inventory systems to determine part availability and proximity to destination. Stardog can access these systems remotely using virtualization and calculate an efficient supply chain to fulfill needed maintenance.

Represent complex dependencies in your supply chain ecosystem

Layered and complex dependencies are common in supply chain optimization — from just-in-time deliveries of goods, to supply planning, to distribution network planning. Stardog can represent these interconnected factors and aid in finding alternative suppliers or supply channels, remodeling distribution, and identifying alternative parts compared to engineering specs.

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    When we looked within our own logistics, we found that to facilitate a single shipment by air, 21 documents must be sent 40 times in 20 different steps. The volume of paper-based shipping documents created each year alone could fill an entire Boeing 747 freighter. Needless to say, this is massively inefficient and creates disadvantages, including increased complexity, proneness for error each time a human interacts with a document, added expenses and outdated systems.”

    Principal, Ericsson



Pull the thread on your data with Pathfinder; trace networks of dependencies and uncover the best path forward


Where some AIs cannot provide explanations for results, Stardog offers proofs for all query results for easy interpretation

NLP pipeline

Our NLP pipeline, BITES, allows full-text documents to be combined alongside traditional data sources, enriching the body of data

Hybrid cloud deployment

Stardog can be deployed both on-premise and in the cloud providing you greater control and flexibility over your mission-critical systems