Transform into a fully digitized supply network

Create a digital representation of the data and the relationships that define how work truly is done within your organization.

Today’s manufacturers are a complex web of product innovation, engineering, planning, production, and logistical functions. Each of these exists along a value chain, and it is very easy for organizations to lose value in the linkages between these chains due to data gaps, information latency or simply the need to make complex associations of data across the span of the operation. With Stardog, manufacturers can instead instantly see the connections in their supply chain to enable scenario planning based on complete data, rapid identification of needed operational changes, and organizational resiliency to drive long-term customer value and higher profit margins.

Represent complex dependencies in your supply network

Dependencies in the supply chain are becoming even more complex as the world moves toward just-in-case supply, multi-shoring, multi-order relationships, and sustainability as a competitive advantage. Stardog delivers the “physical-to-digital-to-physical” loop that this shift is requiring of manufacturers via a highly connected, intelligent digital twin. Furthermore, our RDF-native graph infuses meaning into your data and draws connections that humans wouldn’t be able to see.

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Learn how Stardog can help you model your business and all its complexity through a digital twin

Reduce information blind spots

Stardog represents the processes, products, people, partners, policies, and third-party data that define your business and attaches meaning to them in a machine-readable format. This allows you to detect behaviors and trends based on current operating conditions, surface and act on critical insights coming from internal and external sources, and ensure your supply chain is resilient even in times of crisis through automated detection and response. Our Inference Engine continues to draw connections giving you increasing levels of insight.

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Ericsson’s Connected Logistics Chain platform allows stakeholders to innovate

Incorporate and act on valuable IoT data

Unify and analyze IoT data generated by your operations to uncover insight and anticipate maintenance needs. Incorporate engineering manuals for machine specs, sensor data from equipment to monitor wear and tear, and inventory systems to determine part availability and proximity to destination. Stardog can access these systems remotely using virtualization and calculate an efficient supply chain to fulfill needed maintenance.

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Schneider Electric transforms IoT data into smart workplace solutions

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    When we looked within our own logistics, we found that to facilitate a single shipment by air, 21 documents must be sent 40 times in 20 different steps. The volume of paper-based shipping documents created each year alone could fill an entire Boeing 747 freighter. Needless to say, this is massively inefficient and creates disadvantages, including increased complexity, proneness for error each time a human interacts with a document, added expenses and outdated systems.

    Principal, Ericsson



Pull the thread on your data with Pathfinder; trace networks of dependencies and uncover the best path forward


Where some AIs cannot provide explanations for results, Stardog offers proofs for all query results for easy interpretation

NLP pipeline

Our NLP pipeline, BITES, allows full-text documents to be combined alongside traditional data sources, enriching the body of data

Hybrid cloud deployment

Stardog can be deployed both on-premise and in the cloud providing you greater control and flexibility over your mission-critical systems