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Government data is diverse, heterogeneous, and distributed across programs and agencies. IT modernization is the key initiative across agency silos but current tools and systems do not speak to one another. Stardog unifies disparate data sources and tools – across programs and agencies – giving you real-time visibility into all of your data so you can achieve your mission needs.

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Stardog enables you to browse through the data and all these relationships. It’s not only less overhead, it’s much better job satisfaction and getting the knowledge in hand that you lacked before.”

Program Data Integration Manager, NASA
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National Security Use Cases

Make informed readiness and logistics decisions

Unifying data from multiple systems offers the visibility required to make critical decisions. Provide senior defense officials the data needed to inform readiness assessments on how well their units are manned, equipped, trained, and led. Or connect data from siloed systems servicing combatant commands, depots, Defense Logistics Agency, and defense contractors to create visibility into the supply-chain system and improve accuracy, timeliness, and efficiency of distributing and transporting resources.

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Office of the Secretary of Defense gains insight into readiness of the armed forces

C4ISR / Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance

Optimize the engine of your intelligence, situational awareness, and decision advantage by correlating, fusing, and analyzing data across multiple domains and classification levels. Data mapped into the Knowledge Graph is machine readable and ready for automation and other ML processes, allowing agencies to make sense of rapidly changing mountains of information.

Accelerate systems engineering

Modernize engineering workflows to save time and aid in collaboration. Use Stardog to streamline the cumbersome processes around cross-discipline datasets. Provide teams with a unified view across diverse engineering disciplines and tools (e.g. MagicDraw, DOORS) to support traceability, consistency, and interoperability.

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Modernize Model-based system engineering workflows

Predictive equipment maintenance for mission success

Support the highest level of fully mission-capable equipment by correlating data from sensors on equipment, inventory, location, usage, and history in order to predict when parts will fail. Monitor an equipment’s overall health in real-time to proactively determine maintenance needs, ensuring a high service level.

Civilian Government Use Cases

Financial Regulatory/Anti-Fraud

Reduce current losses, detect and prevent emerging fraud, and ensure regulatory compliance by incorporating data from multiple sources and varieties, understanding correlation and identifying fraudulent patterns among it. Use embedded inference capabilities to uncover new relationships that aren’t explicit in the data itself, leading to a more complete analysis.

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FINRA uses a knowledge graph to catch bad actors

Knowledge Management with full context

Unify data sources across an agency’s department to give a comprehensive view into the data without physically moving or copying any of the data sources. Query data in real-time, with visibility into how the data is connected for verification and auditing, as well as tracing the origin of the data to make it easier to spot errors and reconcile conflicting information at their respective sources.

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JPL’s Tech Connect Platform helps project managers and engineers find the knowledge isolated within past missions

Match skills to modernize HR

Create a capabilities map across an agency’s departments to align personnel titles, skills, competencies, certifications, roles, responsibilities, and other HR metadata. Stardog gives you the tools to analyze your current staffing gaps, project future needs, and identify new capabilities for effective planning and resource allocation.


Standards based


The platform features a query language that is compliant with real, robust, vendor-neutral open standards so you can easily share data across platforms.



Stardog features built-in machine learning and inference to enrich, classify, and detect patterns in data as well as find hidden connections in the data.



Stardog operates as an on-premise solution that maintains several ATOs within agencies.



Stardog is a commercial-off-the-shelf system, saving you time and money.