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Sending humans to the moon. Monitoring for the most sophisticated fraud. Identifying the protein that will cure a disease. Join the companies driving change with Stardog.

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    Supporting NASA’s deep space missions

    NASA faces typical systems engineering hurdles; myriad divisions and contractors working across several disciplines require specialized cuts of data from complex datasets. Stardog provides needed data in a fraction of the time to support mission-critical decisions.

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    Accelerating the fight against infectious diseases

    Stardog powers the MIDAS digital catalog of predictive epidemiological models of infectious diseases. When outbreaks occur, scientists can search a wide range of disease models, scientific research, and population data to quickly find the resources needed to halt the disease’s spread.

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    SpringerMaterials Accelerates Research With Semantic Search

    Springer Nature transformed their rich publication history into a new digital product, SpringerMaterials, using a Knowledge Graph. Learn how SpringerMaterials helps materials scientists conduct more effective research by providing fewer, more relevant results.

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