Search and explore complex data fabrics easily, without code or queries

Stardog Explorer is an intuitive web browser tool for anyone to browse the connections in their data fabric

Search with enhanced context

Search the content of your data fabric in an intuitive interface. Filter results to quickly find what you need, then explore related concepts in the side pane. Expand your search result into a visualization to drill down further.

Visualize connected data

Quickly see and understand the relationships in your connected data, whether its on-prem or in the cloud, without moving or copying it. No coding required! All relationships are displayed visually.

Understand your data's relationships

Follow your intuition and investigate your data. You can easily expand relationships to uncover patterns, dependencies, or unexpected insight. Implicit relationships in your data are shown in Explorer, thanks to Stardog’s best-in-class Inference Engine.

Get an actionable overview of big data

Explorer automatically groups and colors concepts, summarizing information so you can easily work with large volumes of data. Take advantage of Stardog’s scalability, without suffering from delay or confusion.

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