Turn your biomedical data into life-saving results

Unify clinical data, scientific research, disease models, and more to accelerate drug discovery

Disparate data is just the start of complexity for drug development as it is also difficult to collaborate across the sheer volume and variety of databases, publications, and ontologies. Stardog helps you intelligently curate and analyze vast quantities of biomedical data to more accurately evaluate different compounds and predict their effects.

Complete transparency and traceability

Stardog connects any data and its context with no copying required. The resulting data model is highly explainable and ensures biomedical digital assets are findable, accessible, interoperable, and reusable.

Confidently identify new drug candidates

Connect and analyze data across studies, populations, and diseases so you can more accurately predict a drug’s adverse effects in market by understanding all correlations in the graph.

Identify new uses for previously tested compounds

Stardog’s AI-enabled platform helps you discover non-obvious linkages between currently available drug formulations and diseases, speeding up drug repurposing efforts.

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    Stopping the spread of epidemics like Ebola is greatly informed by models of disease, but building disease transmission models is data and software intensive. Finding the needed data and software is made much easier by the ontology-based search that uses Stardog.”

    NIH Researcher


NLP Pipeline

Our NLP pipeline, BITES, allows full-text documents to be combined alongside traditional data sources, enriching the body of data

Data quality management

Stardog’s Data Quality Constraints find inconsistencies across your data silos and flags conflicts


Stardog’s query results include full data lineage for easy interpretation and flexible discovery by research scientists


Stardog easily incorporates new biomedical data and ontologies into a common data model and language, allowing for easy iterative development across any R&D team