Pricing & Licensing

Learn about commercial licenses, services options to help you complete your project, and flexible licensing options for educators, nonprofits, and startups.

Enterprise Licensing

Evaluate for free

Stardog is free to test — get started with your 60-day Trial or try our hosted Sandbox to explore Stardog’s platform.

Contact us to learn how we can support your trial beyond 60 days.

Enterprise deployments

Stardog offers an all-in-one data unification platform. Contact us to get an Enterprise license to use Stardog commercially. We’ll review your needs and recommend relevant best practices for your Stardog implementation.

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What you get

Stardog’s data unification platform is built to serve your ambitious data-driven projects. Stardog unifies data silos and provides specialized tools to facilitate complex queries.

The Stardog platform

Our platform gives you access to all the features you need to build a knowledge graph, without restriction.

  • Unique virtual graphs capabilities
  • Best-in-class Inference Engine
  • Built-in machine learning
  • NLP pipeline
  • Studio Integrated Development Environment
  • Data quality management tools
  • Backed by a high performance graph database

Tools for success

We take pride in our support and documentation — and our customers love it! Each Enterprise license comes with:

  • Base Support package, which includes a direct support line to our core engineers
  • Dedicated Customer Success representative to advise on upcoming releases and receive roadmap input
  • Access to Solutions Architects to receive hands-on support for implementation and learn best practices

Peace of mind

Robust Security Options

Enterprise Scalability

Reliable Support

Flexible Deployment

Additional Support & Service

We provide additional support tiers and Professional Services to accelerate your project development and complete proofs-of-concept.

Service offerings

Strategic consulting

Technical Services


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Managed Service

Want us to manage the day-to-day operations? Elect for our Managed Service. Public and private cloud options supported.

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License Options for Teaching & Learning


If you are a teacher, professor, or educator at an accredited institution, you and your students qualify for a free 1-year Academic Trial. Learn more and download your Academic Trial. Note that institution-wide licenses would fall under our Enterprise terms.

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