Data is your new currency

Turn data into a strategic asset. Join the ranks of banks building data-driven solutions with Stardog.

Demands for data access have never been higher. With Stardog, financial institutions can build a single platform to gain a comprehensive view of firmwide parties, transactions, accounts, exposures, and various interrelated risks in order to power a range of use cases from regulatory compliance to Customer 360 to fraud detection.

We can provide a holistic view of a customer and manage risk across multiple silos โ€” we used to have an army of Excel ninjas to do this stuff. Even in regulatory programs, we can be an authoritative source of data.โ€

Senior Director & Architecture Fellow, Top 15 US Bank

Adapt to changing regulatory and compliance demands

SR-14, GDPR, MiFID II, FSB2013b, FR Y-9C, CCAR, BCBS 239. Each new regulation demands visibility into firm and market information, requires provisioning data to regulators, and comes with high legal stakes. Stardog meets these compliance challenges by providing the detailed data lineage, flexible data modeling, and performance capabilities required to satisfy regulators at enterprise scale.

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BNY Mellon creates a reusable regulatory solution

Proactively manage IT assets to minimize risk

Stardog represents the reality of your IT landscape so you can build more resilient systems. An IT asset management knowledge graph provides insight into how all assets are related so you can identify single points of failure, determine blast radius of theoretical incidents, and understand business processes. Unifying IT assets with the data they have access to can uncover dependencies between sources and facilitate risk and resiliency analysis.

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Morgan Stanley creates an authoritative view of their enterprise architecture

Improve firmwide data management

The rate of new regulations is increasing. Marketing requests are becoming more sophisticated. Analytical reporting needs are constantly changing. Get ahead of the curve with Stardog. Unifying company data creates as a foundation for faster response to data requests, better results when authoritative data is required, and reduced time spent on reporting and compliance.

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Catch bad actors and prevent fraud

Attempting to connect the dots and identify fraudulent behavior among a sea of disparate sources is a manual and time-intensive task. Speed and accuracy are what counts. Stardog connects data and finds once-hidden relationships across your internal systems so analysts have a single interface from which they can investigate data and draw definitive conclusions.

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FINRA restitutes $67 millions to investors

Provide a 360-degree customer view

One of your biggest assets is your customer data. To drive digital transformation, you need to promote standardization and improved context across customer data. Stardog helps you build a unified view of customer data resulting in improved data context and quality, enhanced analytical capabilities, and increased searchability and discoverability of customer data.

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Capital One improves metadata context and quality by 200%


Collaborate with ease

Go ahead and let teams define terms differently โ€” with Stardog you can analyze multiple models over the same data

Uncover hidden connections

Our Pathfinder uncovers distant, indirect links across data sources, enabling sophisticated fraud detection

Enriched metadata

Unifying data that has been repeated across sources also associates relevant metadata

Plays well with others

Stardog easily connects with ontologies like FIBO, custom developed solutions, and existing infrastructure