Uncover New Insights to Fight Disease

Stardog powers a new age of scientific research and discovery by intelligently linking and finding patterns in massive amounts of disconnected data

Researchers need to accurately and rapidly identify new treatments in a world of highly varied and disconnected data. Stardog unifies data from any source including differing scientific instruments, research libraries, health records, and real-world evidence and offers full ontology capabilities to better standardize and model relationships and scientific implications. With Stardog, you have intelligent tools to discover, trace, explain and interpret your data.

Stopping the spread of epidemics like Ebola is greatly informed by models of disease, but building disease transmission models is data and software intensive. Finding the needed data and software is made much easier by the ontology-based search that uses Stardog.”

NIH Researcher

Power more intelligent scientific research

Siloed data is just the start of complexity for scientific discovery as it is also difficult to collaborate across the variety of databases, publications, and ontologies. Stardog lets you query across vast stores of data and metadata so you can run holistic models and analyses. You can test new hypotheses and associate multiple data models on the same schema, facilitating cross-departmental collaboration.

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NIH’s Models of Infectious Disease Agent Study

Prioritize drugs for development

Intelligently curate and analyze vast quantities of data, including real-world evidence, to evaluate different compound combinations and predict their effects to speed up drug testing. Our data unification platform helps you quickly develop, execute, and interpret computational experiments, utilizing relevant internal and external biological data sources so you can advance gene-disease associations and discover new ways to repurpose drugs.

Make precision medicine a reality

Precision medicine requires not only massive amounts of data but also the ability to uncover layers of meaning since different compounds react differently to different populations. This level of complexity is impossible to capture in a relational system. Stardog’s AI-enabled platform helps you integrate clinical, molecular, and biomarker information so you can tailor treatments to the needs of individual patients at scale.

Gain insight into public health

Formulate evidence-led regulation and policies by correlating and analyzing data from hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and medical device companies, and across public health agencies such as NIH, FDA and CDC.

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NIH Stardog Empowers the Fight Against Infectious Disease


Make your data FAIR

Built on open standards, Stardog ensures biomedical digital assets are Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable.

Traceable and transparent

Stardog facilitates tracing of data lineage and empowers users to infer factors and dependencies within data.

Full ontology support

Our ontology capabilities help you create a common taxonomy for searches, pattern recognition, and recommendations. Stardog supports SNOMED, PubMed, NCIt, and more.

Data quality management

Our data quality constraints find inconsistencies across your data silos and flag conflicting data.