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Connect your data with the knowledge graph built to empower data teams to streamline data access and discovery and improve analytics insights

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Companies have struggled to gain value from data lakes. They require extensive preparation and coding to make data accessible and queryable, making them prohibitively expensive and slow for analytics. As a result, data and analytics teams spend the bulk of their time wrestling data problems vs. delivering analytic insights, costing organizations billions in lost productivity and missed opportunities.

Stardog’s Enterprise Knowledge Graph makes it easy to connect data lakes and semantically enrich and query datasets for analytics so teams can make faster, more informed decisions.

Improve access

Our certified connectors enable easy access to the full breadth of unified data. And with enterprise-grade data virtualization, you can access data without moving or copying it and share any combination of virtualized or persisted data through the knowledge graph, empowering data and analytics teams to operate with greater efficiency and at lower cost.

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Boehringer Ingelheim upgrades their data lake into a data fabric with Stardog

Enrich knowledge

Unlike the rigidity of relational or graph database structures, our flexible semantic data layer enables you to endlessly link and network the complex relationships contained within your data lakes without changing the underlying data, enriching the semantic meaning of the data. And our best-in-class inference engine and built-in machine learning easily interprets the data and uncovers new relationships and patterns in an easy to explain way, reducing time to insight.

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What is an Enterprise Knowledge Graph platform?

Search and query

Semantic search enables you to search your data lakes by meaning, scanning the knowledge graph to uncover all layers of connections across the search terms, ensuring that no results are left out. Using a concise syntax and powerful, standards-based graph query language, SPARQL, you can answer complex analytic questions from data stored across multiple data lakes. This empowers data and analytics teams to act faster than ever.

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    Ad-hoc report requests went from taking 5+ days to taking 1 day.

    Managing Director, Enterprise Infrastructure, Top 10 US Bank
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Performant and scalable

Scale up to 1 trillion triples; we’re also Kubernetes compatible and ACID-compliant

Data quality management

Use Data Quality Constraints to find inconsistencies across your data silos and flag conflicts to data producers


Stardog is built on open W3C standards designed to facilitate interoperability and exchange of data

Robust security

Assign permissions by user profile, restrict access to datasets with Named Graphs, and authenticate users for secure access