Revolutionize data workflows

Get insights from IoT data instead of just noise. Modernize product development workflows.

From replacing paper-based systems to leveraging specialized engineering systems to innovating with IoT, Stardog’s data unification platform solves the salient issue in manufacturing: data from any one source is meaningless if it stands alone. Unify data from product development, suppliers, manufacturing, and distributors to uncover existing patterns and optimize operations.

When we looked within our own logistics, we found that to facilitate a single shipment by air, 21 documents must be sent 40 times in 20 different steps. The volume of paper-based shipping documents created each year alone could fill an entire Boeing 747 freighter. Needless to say, this is massively inefficient and creates disadvantages, including increased complexity, proneness for error each time a human interacts with a document, added expenses and outdated systems.”

Principal, Ericsson

Digitize and optimize your supply chain

Ensure the success of your digital twin initiative by unifying data with Stardog — a platform purpose-built to connect data of different structures, from machine sensor data to paper-based equipment specs. Furthermore, virtualization allows for remote access of the data needed to provide end-to-end transparency for all supply chain stakeholders.

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Supply chain

Modernize Model-based systems engineering workflows

Increase productivity and reduce costs of increasingly complex engineering systems. Stardog modernizes MBSE workflows by facilitating collaboration across teams and providing a holistic view of life cycle milestones. Maintain the source of truth across systems without replicating, changing, or moving data.

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Build the factory of the future

Industrial IoT explodes data volumes and often creates noise rather than furthering insight. With Stardog, virtualize the data needed and view how it traces back to manufacturing processes. Use built-in machine learning to train smarter models directly against live, virtualized data — generating insights where other tools fail.


Future-proof data model

Stardog allows for rapid response to business changes and new requirements, easily accepting new sources

Traceable data lineage

Monitor inventory, parts, cost control, and KPIs related to audit across the supply chain

Plays well with others

Stardog easily connects to existing engineering systems, providing access to systems without requiring changes to underlying data

Collaborate with ease

Access data remotely, maintain stakeholder data, and unify related concepts using our logical data model