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Feb 7, 2017, 2 minute read
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We’re moving the Stardog community support forum from Google to Discourse, and we’re adding comments to this blog.

Blog Comments

We’ve started publishing blog posts about Stardog here weekly. We will keep that up until we’ve run out of things to say or…well, we’re going to keep it up indefinitely!

But we don’t want to monologue, so we’ve added blog comments here today. However, a few provisos are in order:

  1. Comments should be relevant, generally speaking. We will interpret this as charitably as possible, but it’s best to stay on topic.
  2. Comments are subject to our code of conduct, which you should read. We will moderate comments that violate the policy.
  3. Well, actually, that’s it. Be a merely decent person and everything will be fine.

However, since we’re using Discourse.org as our discussion forum, we decided to make another change, too.

Support Forum

The existing Stardog community support forum is hosted by Google Groups, which ironically isn’t very good at SEO and is generally an imperfect fit with a community-led support forum. So we decided to move it to community.stardog.com, too, along with blog comments. We’re impressed with the quality of community that tends to form around Discourse. We expect our great Stardog community to get even better in the new location.

We will have a 30-day transition to give people time to migrate, then the old forum will be switched over to the new one.

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