Stardog Express

The fastest way to see Stardog Cloud in action with pre-built datasets and sample SPARQL queries.

Try out Stardog Express without installing any software! Stardog Express is our Cloud Starter Kit, a free, hosted environment that includes Stardog Studio. Perfect for beginners, Stardog Express includes pre-built datasets, sample SPARQL queries, and inference capabilities. Read our documentation to learn more.

You can choose from the following industry-specific datasets:

  • Covid-19 US: Explore Covid-19 dataset showing county-level cases updated daily.
  • Finance: Explore the Financial Industry Business Ontology (FIBO) to see how financial instruments, business entities and financial processes work across the global financial industry.
  • Movies: Explore movie releases, movie stars, ratings, filming locations and more.
  • Music: Explore popular musicians, albums and songs as part of interactive tutorials.

Want to add your own data? Contact us with a request.

Screen Image
  • 1Select "Express" after clicking "Connect to Stardog"
  • 2Run stored queries
  • 3Turn on inference for new insights
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Note: Stardog Express is a publicly accessible shared resource and provides read-only access to provided datasets. All the features of Stardog platform may not be available through Stardog Express.