Exploring the Platform

With Stardog you can query, search, and analyze enterprise data, wherever it is, using scalable Knowledge Graph technology.

How it Works

The Challenge

Enterprise data is diverse, heterogeneous, and distributed. There's never only one piece of data or one place to get data. The enterprise data landscape contains different data types moving at different velocities.

Stardog Data Diagram

In the relational data world this leads to copies of copies, data warehouses over budget, and incompatible data silos that don't talk to each other. With the rise of semistructured and unstructured data, the problem has become acute. Other data management systems are optimized for some segment of the enterprise data landscape. Only the Knowledge Graph can unify all data types and every data velocity into a single, coherent, unified whole.

The only way to solve this challenge is to use the right abstraction. All of an enterprise's data at scale naturally forms a graph.

Stardog Data Diagram

Not just another plain graph

How do you query the enterprise as if it were a single unified data source? An Enterprise Knowledge Graph is the only solution to the data silo problem. Plain graph databases support graph as a data structure, but a data model is more than a data structure, just as a Knowledge Graph platform is more than a graph database.

Only Stardog combines a cutting-edge Graph Database with a world-class Knowledge Toolkit into a unified Knowledge Graph Platform. It's this unique combination that lets Stardog go beyond plain graph databases and mere graph analytics platforms, too.

Stardog Data Diagram

With the addition of a Knowledge Toolkit, Stardog supports a wider and deeper range of services than any other graph or data unification platform.


Stardog unifies data

Unifies all the data

Full data variety and every data velocity. Unify disparate and external data sources and turn data into actionable insight.

Reusable and flexible. No replication required.

Reuses data models

Set the data model once and Stardog makes sense of all the data in your enterprise. Stop creating new data silos.

data sources mapped into the Enterprise knowledge graph

Deploys in minutes

Built for your diverse data universe. No complex migrations needed. Just download, query, and go!

Machine learning, reasoning, and rules for contextualized insight in Stardog

Powered by AI & ML

Born in an AI lab, uses reasoning and inference to find hidden connections in the data.