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Create a flexible, reusable data layer for answering complex queries across data silos. Stardog unifies data based on its meaning, creating a connected network of knowledge to power your business.

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Make better decisions with your data

Designed for your data’s meaning

Knowledge Graphs are built to represent real-world entities and their complex relationships to one another. Compared to the rigidity of a relational database structure, a Knowledge Graph can maintain multiple points of view simultaneously.

Future-proof data model

There’s always more data — new external data streams, new data sources needed for the next release, new acquisitions with their own messes of data. Stardog’s extensible data model easily incorporates new sources while maintaining original schemas and metadata.

Enriched context for better results

Encode hierarchical relationships, properties, and metadata into your Knowledge Graph. Query your unified data to discover deep connections, uncover patterns within the data, and get definitive, explainable results.

Easily layer onto existing infrastructure

Virtualization offers low-impact access to your disparate data, whether it’s on-prem or in the cloud. Access your data without moving or copying it, avoiding data proliferation while protecting original ownership and governance.

Build your foundation for data-driven operations

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Connect and query data of any structure

  • Connect and query data of any structure

  • Virtualize or materialize

  • Inference Engine for explainable AI

  • Built-in machine learning

  • Navigate your data with Pathfinder

  • Data quality management

  • Based on open standards

  • High-performance graph database

Connect and query data of any structure

A Knowledge Graph connects to data sources within your company, enriches the data by finding connections across all sources, and creates a human- and machine-understandable output. Stardog accesses data with Connectors to all major SQL systems and the most popular NoSQL databases. In addition, our BITES pipeline extracts concepts from unstructured data like research papers, resumes, and regulatory documents, further enriching the Knowledge Graph. Access unified data via API or connect to analytics platforms using our BI/SQL Server. Continue reading →

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Virtualize or materialize

Stardog supports completely seamless virtualization and materialization so you can access any data, whether it’s on-prem or in the cloud. Where other data management tools force you into rigid access patterns, Stardog lets you choose to materialize or virtualize based on what’s best for your data and to optimize for performance or cost requirements. No other platform combines Knowledge Graphs with virtualization; the resulting Virtual Graphs offer unprecedented power and flexibility to investigate deep connections across data sources. Continue reading →

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Inference Engine for explainable AI

Stardog’s Inference Engine allows you to harmonize conflicting data definitions without changing or copying the underlying data. Capture your business and domain rules in the data model; the Inference Engine intelligently applies these rules at query time. This easily solves a common issue — what one database calls a “Major Account” another calls an “Enterprise Customer.” To fix, simply write a rule that states both are subclasses of “Top Accounts” and query the full range of details on your connected data. The Inference Engine displays all logic for each result, making explainable AI a reality. Continue reading →

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Built-in machine learning

With a Knowledge Graph, data scientists can train models directly on unified data instead of on incomplete, out-of-date, or inaccurate data. Stardog ships with built-in predictive analytics and similarity search, allowing for quick model development and iteration. Use similarity search to recommend relevant articles based on user inputs, fill in gaps in data lineage, or find new chemical compounds that are similar to a known compound. Use machine learning to simply predict the value of a relationship or combine with Pathfinder to solve tricky operational problems like determining the best alternative supply routes when a depot goes down. Continue reading →

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Navigate your data with Pathfinder

Pathfinder is the GPS for your data landscape. Capitalize on your unified data and trace the paths between data points. Pathfinder works across virtualized data, finding connections across physically disjointed sources. Answer complex questions like “What does the supply chain look like for this batch of troublesome parts?” or “How are these two financial organizations related to these five transactions and these three shadowy political figures?” Find the shortest route between two data points, unearth links between data no matter their degrees of separation, even determine a connection across your inferred data. Continue reading →

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Data quality management

Stardog offers constraints to help manage and measure the data quality of your Enterprise Knowledge Graph. Enforce constraints to prevent Stardog from accessing incorrect data, to find inconsistencies across your data silos, or to flag conflicting data. Set a constraint that a ship date for a purchase must be after the purchase date; Stardog validates across your point-of-sale and shipping systems to ensure your data is correct. Stardog supports the open standard SHACL, a declarative language for specifying constraints over RDF graphs. Continue reading →

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Based on open standards

Stardog offers first class support of the SPARQL, SPARQL*, and GraphQL query languages for interacting with your Knowledge Graph. At its core, Stardog is built on the RDF open standards of knowledge representation created by W3C, the same standards body that created the Web. This platform of open standards is designed to represent information — and all its complexities — in a machine-understandable way. As a result, your Knowledge Graph will fundamentally enable greater interoperability and exchange of data. Continue reading →

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High-performance graph database

Stardog’s platform is underpinned by a highly efficient, robust, and ACID-compliant graph database. Ensure near-real time responses on up to 100 billion data points per installation. Stardog supports concurrent reads and writes and our query optimizer can handle your most complex queries, thanks in part to its state-of-the-art cardinality estimation. Scale limitlessly with virtual edges and inter-cluster optimized query federation for scale-out use cases. This gives the users ability to scale out their data fabric up to 1 trillion triples, all while enjoying sub-second query times and up to a 98% cost savings when compared with traditional approaches. Continue reading →

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Turn your data into knowledge

Stardog makes creating a knowledge graph easy with an end-to-end solution that links data from your data lake or data warehouse into a knowledge graph that feeds your existing BI tools.

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Built for your mission-critical applications

Robust security

Assign permissions by user profile, restrict access to datasets with Named Graphs, and authenticate Stardog users for secure access.

Enterprise scalability

Scale up to 1 trillion triples; we’re also Kubernetes compatible and ACID-compliant.

Reliable support

Get access to our core engineers for support and lean on your dedicated Customer Success rep to take advantage of the newest features.

Flexible deployment

Deploy Stardog on-premise or in the cloud. Elect for a Managed Service to guarantee uptime and receive end-to-end support.

Trusted by companies who need the highest in security standards

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