Stardog 1.0

Jun 18, 2012, 2 minute read
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Today I’m happy to announce the release of Stardog 1.0, the fastest, smartest, and easiest to use RDF database on the planet. Stardog fills a hole in the Semantic Technology (and NoSQL database) market for an RDF database that is fast, zero config, lightweight, and feature-rich.

Speed Kills

RDF and OWL are excellent technologies for building data integration and analysis apps. Those apps invariably require complex query processing, i.e., queries where there are lots of joins, complex logical conditions to evaluate, etc. Stardog is targeted at query performance for complex SPARQL queries. We publish performance data so you can see how we’re doing.

Braindead Simple Deployment

Winners ship. Period.

We care very much about simple deployments. Stardog works out-of-the-box with minimal (none, typically) configuration. You shouldn’t have to fight an RDF database for days to install or tune it for great performance. Because Stardog is pure Java, it will run anywhere. It just works and it’s damn fast. You shouldn’t need to buy and configure a cluster of machines to get blazing fast performance from an RDF database. And now you don’t have to.

One More Thing…OWL Reasoning

Finally, Stardog has the deepest, most comprehensive, and best OWL reasoning support of any commerical RDF database available.

Stardog 1.0 supports RDFS, OWL 2 QL, EL, and RL, as well as OWL 2 DL schema-reasoning. It’s also the only RDF database to support closed-world integrity constraint validation and automatic explanations of integrity constraint violations.

If you care about data quality, Stardog 1.0 is worth a hard look.

Free Evaluation

Stardog 1.0 is available for a free 30-day evaluation; download it now.

When you’re ready to talk about licensing terms and support contracts, drop us an email.

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