Stardog 5 Beta Released

May 8, 2017, 2 minute read
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Stardog 5 beta is out and ready to turn your data into an Enterprise Knowledge Graph.

We’re happy to release Stardog 5 beta for your consideration. We think it’s the best Enterprise Knowledge Graph available today and all of our customers agree.

What’s New?

You can find a high-level look at what’s new in Stardog 5 beta in a recent blog post, 9 Reasons Stardog 5 is Awesome.

And you can find a very low-level, exhaustive look at every that’s new in Stardog 5 beta by looking at the Release Notes.

Why Beta?

This is a beta release because there is a breaking change and you should not use Stardog 5 beta with production databases or data. There is a one-time migration to the new on-disk stats format when loading an existing database into Stardog 5. Until that process is ironclad and all customers and users are aware of it we will keep the beta tag on Stardog 5.

Migration Guide

The Stardog 5 Migration Guide describes the relevant changes and the migration process. Please check it out.

What’s Next?

Please report bugs and other issues with Stardog 5 beta to the Community forum or to your customer support channel as appropriate.

We anticipate one or more release candidates before Stardog 5 final is available.

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