Stardog Announces SOC2 Type II Certification

Apr 6, 2023, 2 minute read
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We’re excited to announce that Stardog is now SOC 2 Type II certified. This important milestone further demonstrates our commitment to providing the most robust data security and privacy for our customers and users. 

What this Means for Stardog Users

Data is a critical asset of every organization, and our platform sits at the heart of modern data strategy in an enterprise. Safeguarding this critical asset is something we’ve always taken into account in how we build our Enterprise Knowledge Graph platform.  This certification emphasizes that Stardog customers can feel even more secure building on top of the Stardog Platform, whether they are running locally, or in Stardog Cloud.

If you are not familiar with SOC2, it outlines a comprehensive suite of requirements that outline the bounds of good Information Security. These cover everything from good hiring practices to and how an organization operates its product(s) in production.  

As enterprises use Stardog to help them democratize data access and scale analytics insight, they need confidence that their data is secure. Our SOC 2 Type II certification  further demonstrates our commitment to securing a business’ most precious asset  allowing them to focus on driving positive outcomes.

More on the Audit

The SOC 2 Type II audit, conducted by Riskpro, is an independent review assessing Stardog’s internal controls involving security, availability, and confidentiality of the data processed on behalf of its customers. A widely recognized auditing standard developed by the American Institute of Certified Public Accounts (AICPA), SOC 2 compliance confirms Stardog’s controls and processes meet AICPA Trust Service Criteria. 

Risk management is an important part of any company’s Information Security posture. There are a number of SOC2 controls pertaining to Risk Management, and to help us meet those controls, we decided on some dogfooding, using our enterprise knowledge graph platform to represent our assets, threats, vulnerabilities, and finally, the compensating controls. Once we had the full scope of data we needed for our Risk Analysis process, we were able to use Stardog’s inference engine along with Stardog Explorer and Stardog Studio to help us verify that we covered all of our bases.

Stardog and Security

Unlike traditional graph databases, every aspect of Stardog Enterprise Knowledge Graph is built for enterprise-grade data integration, management, and analytics, including data encryption, role-based access privileges, performance, and scalability. 

To learn more about Stardog’s commitment to security, privacy, and compliance, please visit our Trust & Security Center.

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